Monday, February 25, 2013




1.) got my Burberry last is huge but everything fits in it and I love it

2.) ordered this sweater online from Loft (it was a mere $11!) and a couple other sweaters

3.) made guacamole and these husband was in heaven

4. & 5.) we had a mini ice storm last week, our back door and the cars were frozen shut

6.) acting goofy in the car while waiting for my husband to run an errand

7.) new fun glosses, buy one get one half off last week at Walgreens

8.) finally found some tan booties, and on sale

9.) sparkly polishes

10.) this killed me dead

11. ran into a local boutique after grocery shopping today, these were all on clearance and are fun colors for spring

12.) $5 flats...score!

got stuck in the sleet, then pouring rain and then sleet rain mix while unloading groceries, it has now turned to snow...soooo ready for sunshine and warm days

i never watch the awards shows, never see the movies. glad i didn't waste my time last night. also? hated most of the dresses

not much else going on, have a great week!


  1. Your hair looks good. I love the sparkly polishes. Those necklaces are perfect for Spring!! And on sale!? SCORE.

  2. My daughter would love those sparkly polishes.

    I'm so tired of this weather. More ice and snow last night. Double yuck!

  3. Take heart, spring is around the corner!! It does "suck" when the doors freeze up like that. That guacomole does look good!


  4. That picture of you in the car takes my breath away. You are so freakin' GORGEOUS!!!!

    That bird thing made me howl!

    Today we've got the rain/sleet/snow thing happening here. The difference is, I love it!!

  5. Love CATO! It's about the only place around here for cute stuff, cheap.

    Great list - except the ice/sleet/snow. I'm with you. Bring on warm days!

    You look great as always!! :)

  6. I am really loving your hair.

    Have you ever been to the Coach outlet? My SIL and I are heading out there in the next couple weeks.

    We have got a total of 25.5 inches of snow, and we have more coming. I'm over it and want summer to get here quickly!

  7. Love it! Now I want to go to Catos!! Got a girlfriend coming down for a visit next week...adding it to my list!! loved the colors of all of them!

  8. LOVE your new Burberry bag!! It's gorgeous!! Such a great anniversary gift!! We love the Color Whispers too!! And that guac...we need it. Like right now. Might have to get Mexican for lunch now. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. I am finally able to sit up at my laptop! YAAY! Ipads are good for one liners and keeping up with peeps on Facebook but typing a post and emailing were a no Bueno for me the last few months since all that surgery.

    Off to finish catching up with what you have been up to.

    I even did a Blog post today....shocking, I know!


    p.s. You look amazing.


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