Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday and I have had it

Loooooong week!
I had just one day off this week and I am feeling it.

I am playing catch-up on laundry and housework. I feel like that is the story of my life.

We have been crazy busy the past 2 days. Today was non-stop. One of our new cooks didn't show up for work tonight and another had a heart attack and needs a week off. This is bad because we are already looking for a cook with business picking up for spring. The little one had to work some extra shifts this week, he will survive.

The little one had an interview with a recruiter yesterday with the Army. She has big hopes of him getting into West Point. Either way (Navy or Army) he would get officers training and be able to fulfill his dream of flying helicopters. May the best school win. More specific, the little one wins. The Naval Academy is still his first choice.

Had my hair appt. yesterday. I kept the length, just a trim and shape-up. And color.

Here I am today after a day at work. I actually styled my own hair and did ok.

The big city boys got their loft completely decorated. The big one starts his job tomorrow. I cannot wait to go see them!
Here is one of the photos they sent:

Love Marliss the greyhound rescue. He seems to enjoy his new home and the fitting location of his bed. M's mom bought him that picture a while back and it looks perfect on that wall.
In the left corner is the old door on sawhorses that they use as a second desk. They really have done a good job. The shelf unit with the brick detail backing was built by M's dad.  Gorgeous!

Here are the pics the guys sent me the day they signed the lease:

The new room mates (minus my kiddo)

A place to store shoes? Ha! My son is the only one who knows how to cook. The other 2 are cleaning maniacs so it evens out. 

This is the entire living and kitchen area. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths as well. 


Celebration dinner!

 And these a day later: 

The big ones room, the night they moved in. The table on the left is mine (which was a gift many years ago from my mom and I got it back)

I picked up a few things for my face. I like this to remove makeup when I don't feel like washing and moisturizing:
It takes off all my layers of makeup, softens skin and smells like peaches!
I also got a couple samples of cleansers.

My new love of MAC has brought me beyond their lip products. I got a sample of this and love it!
It has great coverage for dark spots, dark circles and breakouts.

And what would a MAC counter trip be without more lip products? 

Lipglass in Oyster Girl 

Lipstick in Syrup

Technakohl Eyeliner in Greyprint



  1. Sorry your week was hell.
    Love your hair long.
    The loft looks great.

  2. I want that loft!!! Looks great!!! I love the idea that he cooks, they clean; that's my kind of arrangement! I'm sure it will work out really good!


  3. Your Congressional or Senate rep will be able to help out with the recommendation to any of the military colleges. Good Luck to him!

    1. He already got his Congressional letter of recommendation. Now we wait to see if the Academy picks him.

  4. That loft is amazing! I love what they did with it!

    I hope you're able to relax this weekend. ☺

  5. I absolutely LOVE A's smiles in those pictures. And I'm so proud of N!

  6. I hope you're getting some much-deserved rest this weekend.

    That loft is ridonculous! Oh, to be in my early 20s again... I hope Big realizes how good he's got it!!

    LOVE the picture of you in the car after your trim. You're so damn pretty, it makes me want to punch you in the boob!!

  7. I am amazed at the loft. We have an old factory/furniture store in JC that I think would be amazing for lofts and trendy restaurants or something like that. But it seems we are too conservative of a city to support such an idea. So, the place sits and deteriorates. I got my hair trimmed and colored last week too, but mine isn't nearly as cute as yours ;0

  8. Hey there! Your hair looks fabulous! And your son's place is insane! Lucky boys! And the puppy...well we could just steal her! I really want to get MAC's syrup now. :-) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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