Monday, February 4, 2013


I have really been trying to do better on reading blogs AND leaving a comment. My husband said that people probably don't visit my sad blog anymore because I post so infrequently but I hope to bring you back!

Lots going on, as always and I will catch the 2 of you up....

The big one moved out!!!! He still has to come back and work for us a couple days at the end of the week until he gets a job start date (he got a job today, doesn't know when he starts) and he has a few more things to pick up but he left last night and his friend brought a truck and trailer and picked up the big stuff Saturday. 
I had planned to get him a bed and dresser so he wouldn't take the nice furniture I bought for his room/guest room when he moved out the first time. We ended up going a little overboard and got him a few more things.

the v8 and gumballs are ours
Cookware, a butcher block cutlery set, paper products, a magic bullet-type smoothie/protein shake machine, cleaning supplies, dish soap and a few other things. My husband ended up picking up some very cool red dishes, flatware and glassware later. Then I surprised him with a new mattress pad, pillows and sheet set.
I hope he stays on his own this time. It is hard to have him at home most days and I cannot imagine he had much fun living here. He plans to work and try to go back to college. His room mates are very focused and driven so they will hopefully influence him to better himself.
They sent me pics today of the loft and it looks amazing, like something out of a magazine.

I decorated my Valentine's table a while back but forgot to take pics,

Last Thursday I took a 2 day trip to Tulsa.
We packed a lot of fun into a short time.

Mel greeting my arrival...

Girls' night in the hot tub. It was 17 degrees outside and wow, my hair looks good.

 Peachwave for yogurt

Mel's cute boys in a fleeting moment of love

We went to dinner (minus my brother)

And there was eating. I gained 5 lbs, no lie. And many Starbucks trips. And drinks. And more eating.

And there was shopping. Mel talked me into this blush, which I love!

I have been wanting a chambray shirt for some time. I picked this one up at Maurices, along with the cute chartreuse ruffle top.
I wore it to work tied at the waist like this.

And then later, for date night, I wore the green top with a navy cardigan.

in the car, driving in the pouring rain

I am working extra days this week so I am tired just thinking about it!
Have a wonderful week!



  1. Nice "send off" for big one with what you got him; he'll do great!! Eventually they get it and I bet this time he'll get it and do well on his own (I'm still waiting for that magic moment, but maybe three times the charm and actually other than the fact that he comes home super late some days and I can't sleep until he does; he is sort of nice to have around :)

    glad you got a mini getaway!

    I will always read your blogs, provided I'm not on a blogging break, no matter how far apart you blog.


  2. Good to "hear" from you!
    Love, LOVE the green top!!!

  3. I know what you mean about not posting as frequently as you would like, and wondering if that will keep readers away. I go through the same thing. Good luck! You've certainly got plenty of photos to draw people in. :)

  4. Can you come and decorate my house and make it look at fantabulous as yours?!? Please?!?! Seriously, it looks so, so nice! And that buffet is absolutely gorgeous, too. :-)

    You guys are awesome for sending off your kid in style. When I moved out, the only thing my mom gave me was a hand packing up my car, LOL!

  5. Good luck to the big one. Surrounding himself with motivation is a big step in the right direction. It is a shame you couldn't buy him a few things for his new place ;)

    Your Valentine decorations are sweet. I'm hosting a card party the day before Valentines Day, but I doubt if I will have a single thing red to show for it. Oh well!

    Your hair has gotten long. I like it. I really like the top. I'd head to Maurices right now if I thought I'd find one just like it!

    Don't work too hard.

  6. Well, as one of your 2, I would just like to say that I love your blog, whether you write 1x/week or 5x . . . and I love your Valentines decorations . . .

  7. Fabulous table and top!

    That's alot of gumballs, what do you do with all?

  8. Wow, I hope Big appreciates your little send off. (I LOVE my Wolfgang cookware and knives, by the way. Did you shop at Sam's Club?) I'll be sending good thoughts and positive vibes his way.

    I just finished telling Mel how jealous I am of the weekend you guys had together. That top is adorable. And, I know I've said it before, but I'm SO loving the long hair!

    Your Valentine decor looks amazing. You're just so festive! I assume you do the restaurant up the same way, no?

    Tell hubby he's WRONG, I will never abandon you, no matter how infrequently you post!!


  9. Your hair is getting so long. Love it. Love the green top, too.

  10. Swung by to check out your blog after you commented on my comment at Judys :) I'm not online much at the moment so there's not much to read at my place, unless you like archives!

    I got tired just from reading your post! What a great time! The two boys are adorable, dinner and hot tubs sound wonderful, and when I move, I'd like you to take me to "get a few things." - Only I'll probably want to keep the gumballs :)

  11. Hey! You have pictures I don't have!

  12. Looks like there's more than two of us here! :) I just commented on Mel's lively post about y'all's visit. Fun times! Makes me wish I'd had a sister or two!

    I always wonder about the whole 'kid moving out, coming home' thing. Mine is still very much in transition and I guess when he returns from traversing the globe, he will be back and forth from college and home on breaks,etc. Biggest thing we need to work on is a JOB and managing time/money better. Whew. Not an easy task.

    Your hair is beautiful and always love your clothing choices! :)

  13. Love that color green on you! Somehow we are constantly setting up some child or another's new digs. (Sigh). Someday it will end. Right?
    Oh, and you can't shake us that easy!

  14. Lol, I am right here..not going n e where...enjoy every time you post. I know how it can be getting busy.

    And it sounds like you have the table decor..I am working on having things for my house for each holiday..shoot, I have been working on that for the past 29 years...(we will be married 30 in July lol).

    I really liked the top...I love that color green and I liked how you tied the one...


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