Friday, February 15, 2013

Two posts in one week

Phone pics Friday and other randoms

protein powder the little one is drinking in his effort to become a kick ass Naval Officer

a picture we got at Marshall's

new iPad holder and phone covers I found half price at SHOPBOP

the little one's new best friend

date night tuesday...sushi

big blizzard we had tuesday evening, it was gone the next day

the little one got his graduation gift early, he had to learn to drive a stick shift

new target scarf

anniversary gift from mr. funny

valentine's day/anniversary dinner = yum!

my cute valentine♥♥♥♥♥

18 years....cheers!

on the way to dinner
text i got from mel this morning

wood pictures from marshall's

another gift for the loft boys, a wine rack (lordy mt table is cluttered)

after being insanely busy at work last week, we were a little back to normal this week. busier than a normal february but not as crazy. our cooks are all getting some overtime till we can hire someone; it is slim pickings right now.

the little one is on like donkey kong with his workout routine his trainer sent him. he eats every 3 hours, runs, lifts weights and drinks lots of water and protein shakes. bless his heart.

i felt like a dying gerbil yesterday. i wanted to sleep all day and i cursed my internal female parts all day. i finally took a bath and got myself dressed but everything made me feel fat and ugly. the dress i picked out made me angry so i wore a gauzy top and trouser jeans with cute flats. and a lot of makeup. my husband said i was beautiful so who else matters right? after a few drinks and a crap ton of advil, i felt better. i ended up a bit drunk but woke up today feeling better although my brain felt too big for my skull (i blame the wine)

my husband planned 3 valentine's day specials for the restaurant. prime rib, steak or steak and shrimp for 2 with salads and cheesecake. he staffed to the max hoping to be busy and knowing we would be out of town for the evening. holy shizzles, they were busy!! the little one worked and he thought it would never end. busiest night since we bought the restaurant!  it definitely paid to order extra this week and plan some nice specials. we had a little contest going with the servers to see who could sell the most specials. the winner got a cash prize. the winner ended up selling 24 specials.

the big one is loving his new loft and job. there have been a few adjustments to make on his own (and living with others) but he will learn. or he will move back home (hope not)

today is my mom's birthday. she would be 70 today. mel wrote this blog post last week which sent my pms self into tears. i did see mom in my dreams after she died. she told me all kinds of things and i choose to believe it as her ghost letting me know she was fine. the dreams were so real. i woke up to see her at the foot of my bed and that was the last time i dreamed of her where she spoke to me. i never dream of her now. i still think of her every single day. it is so weird to know someone your whole life and one day they are just gone. i used to say i hated the world without my mom in it but now i know she is here. in the wind, the flowers, the trees, in my kids and my siblings and my mind. in my wind chimes on a windless evening and a bird staring at me from a tree. i started a journal shortly after she died and found it when i was cleaning a drawer the other day. i feel like i have come a long way since i wrote that but a part of me went with her when she died. 
she would have loved to see my boys graduate, drive, and see the little one fly an airplane (this would have made her a nervous wreck as she feared heights and flying, like me) she would have loved to see how our houses look and how well our business is doing and my sister go to law school  and how close my sisters and i have stayed (minus a few ugly fights) she would have loved to see my sisters get married and see mel's boys grow up.
here's to you mom! forever 64 and beautiful!!!!
I love you!


  1. I LOVE that picture of you two from Tuesday's date night! You both look so happy. You look absolutely stunning in that photo on the way to dinner.

    Glad the restaurant was so busy yesterday. I always loved when we had busy nights at the bar, even if it meant I was DEAD the next day.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful mother. I don't know if you read the comment I left on Mel's blog, so here it is again. You know I've told you before that you and your sisters don't even look related to me, yet now that I've seen your mom, I see each one of you in her. I get it now!


  2. Your mom was a wonderful lady! I know you will always miss her.

    what a wonderful graduation gift; I think I'd learn to drive a stick shift if I got that to drive (I already know how to drive a stick shift, can I have one? only kidding :)

    glad to hear Big One is doing okay so far; I think he'll be just fine!

    Good for Little One pursuing his dream whatever it takes!!!

    I would imagine a lot of restaurants were super busy last night indeed!


  3. I always love your 'update' posts! You and your hubby are just adorable!! Very cute couple and congrats on the anniversary!

    I recall reading Mel's post about your mom - made me cry too, but also made me realize that I have GOT to make more time for my Mom while she's here. So tired of getting caught up in the banality of life that I forget we aren't promised tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Love the purse, the scarf, you on the way to dinner, the Little's one car (wow), the dinner specials, being super busy and you not there :), the big one adjusting, and especially about your mom being all around. I feel the same about my Dad. I'm going to go read Mel's post now.

  5. What a fun post. The specials sound great. I especially like the purse. You got snow? We didn't't get a single flake!

  6. Your hair looks longer in these pics. I love it!

  7. Always love catching up with you!! Love the pictures...might have to make me a trip to Marshall's. I never think about there. Love how you make us feel like we were right there.


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