Monday, March 25, 2013

Carrie gave me a good idea for today.
Ten Things That Say "Spring is Here" 
My version might be a touch sarcastic.
1. birds singing in the morning (the birds are here, singing away, there is snow on the ground)
2. daffodils, tulips, lilies (they have been up for awhile, you cannot see them because of the snow)
3. the smell of fresh air and green grass (the air is fresh, and cold)
4. tshirts, flip flops, cute sandals, tanks, spring makeup and bags (all in my closet waiting for the snow to melt and the temps to go above 40)
5. my hammock and lawn furniture
6. a clean car (every spring I have it detailed inside and out; the heavy snow did wash away some of the outer dirt
7. yard work (it is a necessary evil but great exercise and time to spend with my husband) (right now shoveling snow and avoiding ice are considered yard work)
8. windows open/windows closed (fresh air but with it comes allergies) (I did open the window the other day when I was chopping onions, ha!)
9. more daylight (to enjoy the cold)
10. self tanner (dude, I am white)

Some iPhone pics of the week. Last week.

Early morning doctor visit for Mr. F.
I did not use my eye de-puffing gel. Whoa nelly.

This is the steroid they gave him (hubby) for his congested lungs. You have to follow the arrows. I needed my glasses for this shizzle.

Trying new ways to tie a scarf. Because there is nothing else to do.

My nails are disgraceful. (I filed them finally, ok?)

This amuses me.

New neon pink sweater = sunny day.

Flowers I gave to Mr. F for his birfday.

Mr. Funny had a bad virus. He was feeling pretty awful by Wed. after work so I made him a doctor's appt. Thursday. It was moving into his lungs so he got an antibiotic and a steroid to be sure it didn't turn into pneumonia. That night he was pestering me so I knew it had begun to work. He said he wished he had gone in sooner......

They predicted this big snowstorm. We finally got it. Yeah. Big.

We got a few more inches of snow yesterday. It is cold and dreary. 

Heard from the big one. He is doing well and surviving in the big city.

Spring break is this week. If I see one more beach picture, I am going to delete my Facebook.

For reals.

Happy Monday!!


  1. OMG I hear ya on the beach/desert/cruise fb posts. Rude.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Love the scarf and the flowers. Sorry about all your damn snow. I would take it but got to enjoy it on my spring break instead. I don't mind it but I'm fairly sick of cold and ready to open the pool and get outside! Whatcha think about a Thurs. phone date?

  3. it is cold here, but no snow.
    Love that bunting necklace. You look good in bright colors!

  4. The sarcasm is needed to fight back Mother Nature and her wrath.

  5. LOVE your hot pink sweater!
    It screams spring -- even if it is snowing where you are!

  6. I am so over the snow! Seriously! You look pretty as always.

  7. Beautiful pinks. That is your color. Crazy pill packaging. Good grief.

  8. Cute entry! We can't get spring here in TN! Happy Easter!

  9. Love your list--and it applies up here, too. You look shiny, sparkly beautiful in that bright pink! Glad hubby is better, poor guy. I can't follow the arrows and instructions on the back of those packets, but he must have figured it out. He got some gorgeous flowers, BTW. ;) Are you going to show him how to pick up chicks when he feels all well and spunky? LOL!

    I hope you had a really nice Easter. I'm glad to finally be able to visit again!! :):)

  10. We had a beatiful day yesterday and today is cold and going to be in the 20's tonight. For VA this is not normal but what it means that we will go from winter to crazy hot summer. Boo on that mess!! I don't like to sweat from sunup to sundown. Hope your hubby is feeling better and is doing well. The direction on that pill pack looked absolutely ridiculous. Loving that bright pink sweater on you!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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