Monday, March 18, 2013


had a few minutes to chat....

-tried to relax a bit today

-the guys both felt yucky so the little one stayed home and my husband lounged a bit before work 

-slept in, dishwasher, laundry, grocery store, errands

-the little one needed some new pillows so he went with me to keep me company

-the little one made dinner for the 2 of us tonight
smothered chicken (a recipe from the restaurant)

-love this gorgeous kid!

-we got a taste of spring on Friday, 80 degrees and lots of sunshine
it was my serious cleaning day but i went out for 30 minutes to soak it in

-been worried about the big one a lot lately
he moved out of the loft and is staying with another friend.
sometimes people aren't how they seem, enough said

 -i am feeling a bit better this week so far, winter is back but we had some sunshine after a day of constant rain and cold yesterday, sunshine makes me happy!

-work has been challenging the last month, to say the least, but we have been busier than normal for this time of the year

-i ordered a colorful spring/summer bag and a pair of warm weather flats, i had a 25% off coupon which made it sweeter
the color of the bag is kiwi, love it

 -i fell in love with and bought a neon pink cardi at gap
yes, i can get away with wearing neon

-i am also still on a scarf kick, there are so many options and colors and you can wear them with a sweater or a tshirt

-they carry the jennifer aniston perfume i love at walmart, yep, i picked some of that up too

-tomorrow we are having date night at home with fajitas and a movie, we have a ton of movies i want to see
anyone see anything good on dvd lately that i must see

-anything on netflix you recommend? love some suggestions

-i found this blog and love it, what a great idea since i never know how to combine colors or put an outfit together
pinterest is the devil
yesterday i wore a lime green ruffled tank with navy polka dots and a navy and white cardi with a swirled pattern on it and a lime green chunky necklace- i got so many compliments on the color combo (and didn't get pinched)

-hoping to get a girls night in this saturday
we have not met for a long time due to everyone's winter blahs

-my husband gets these horrible residual headaches from when he had ehrlichiosis (remember, he almost died) about once a month which terrifies me
i am going to call his doctor and see if this is normal

-gave myself a pedicure last night, wow the toes were awful!
i picked a dark teal green (no bright colors with the day glow white feet)

-so many things i have on my mind and so many things to be thankful for

-happy thoughts! (fave quote (ok, i have many) from Dead Like Me)


  1. I am slowly rising from the ashes. Too much work. Too much winter. Too much cold. Your post is just what I needed. Your youngest is one handsome guy! And a chef to boot!

    My daughter is threatening an intervention if I don't get help dressing soon. You may need to give me pointers. I feel I have completely lost touch with style.

    :) Hope you have more relaxing moments this week!

  2. More rain and maybe snow on our way, but we both know it will soon be gone.
    Am keeping the big one in my prayers, that he finds his happiness,safe and sound.

  3. Glad to hear that the weather warmed up a bit so you could enjoy some warmth and sun! Sorry to hear about Elder Son and his rearranging where he is living; I hope that situation works out well; it is hard when they struggle with things, isn't it? Hope you get an answer about the headaches hubby has, does sound like a call to the doctor is a good thing indeed!


  4. I'd check about your husband's headaches too. Better to be safe. LOVE the kiwi color.

  5. Send me some of that warmer weather!

    Hope the Mister feels better.

    Pinterest is my crack. So is Polyvore. Kitty crack.

    Just sent you an email a few ago.


  6. Your son is quite the chef. That meal looks fantastic!

    I hope everything works out okay with your older son and his living situation. And your husband: I hope he feels better soon.

    I love the lime color. Wonder if I could wear it? I tend to stick to more muted colors, but that's just because I have no clue what colors I'm supposed to wear. LOL

    Have a good rest of the week!

  7. Your youngest made dinner...that is huge! What a sweetheart! Hope the big one is OK. Stinks that he moved out and hope he feels good about everything. Love the bag and flats that you got!! Perfect for spring...which you probably aren't getting yet. We aren't really either. Supposed to snow in the next couple of days. Boo!
    Hope your husband's headaches go away and that his doctors appt. went well. You take care of yourself. Glad we found each other on Instagram. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. That dinner made me hungry!!! I'm worried about the big one too. Let's plan a phone date this week. Thurs?


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