Monday, March 11, 2013

Phone dump.....

Stupid (but pretty) snow on my drive to work

Visit to Tulsa. J had just finished the bar exam so we had dinner and drinks to celebrate. 
Mel is holding a gun (I brought to see if my other sister wanted it)
Pretty scary. Even more scary is the wine next to her while she is holding a gun.

Notice the cats eyes?

My sister D and my brother J.

Date night photo. (maybe I could actually get one of the 2 of us sometime.....)

Oysters Rockefeller. So. Amazing.

Filet wrapped in phyllo dough and topped with lobster tail.

My sister has a cat. He likes me. A lot.

Old Navy with my nephew.

Can you spot the real person???????

My sleeping buddies at Mel's. They never asked my permission and I am not a cat person but they were ok.

Friday night's Jazz Dance.

Trying to get through these last few weeks. It seems like one hard thing after another these days. My house is in need of a cleaning and my laundry is procreating but I will catch up. Right now, sleeping is my favorite. 
I did write a fascinating (snort) post on my latest skin care saga. I will post it soon. 

I also want to do a favorite things right now post, maybe Mel will join me??????
Over and out.


  1. I am now craving Oysters Rocky. Liked the photos.

  2. Looked like a good visit with your siblings!! Little One is getting so tall! Hard to believe he will be graduating soon!!!


  3. Pretty snow....even prettier when you don't have to drive in it.
    Those Old Navy Manies freak me out.
    Lordy...Little One seems to get taller with each picture you post!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Fun times in Tulsa!

    I'm with you on just trying to make it through these next few weeks.

    Am looking forward to warmer temperatures for the rest of the week.

  5. I love your snowy scene! Seriously, what's with cats trying to win us over? It's like they're on a mission to get our love.

  6. Uh oh...hope your skin care saga doesn't involve the Clarins. :-) Great pic of you and your son!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. If Mel can get these papers graded and done today then maybe. I got the Clinique bonus gift so I have new stuff!


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