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Finally getting this posted from last week.....

A week before V-Day, my husband and I went to Dillards so I could carry on my quest for a new skincare line. I have always wanted to try Origins, Clarins or Lancome but I never pulled the trigger. For some reason, there is never a salesperson at the Origins area (ever) and after standing there 2 seperate times and being ignored, I moved on to the Clarins. The girl working there had very little knowledge of the products, funny enough she was the Origins girl, so she gave me a few samples of cleansers and I moved on. The next counter was Shiseido/Dior and the lovely woman working there was full of expertise and had amazing skin for a woman in her 50's. My husband was even awake and interested so I followed her advice and bought a large kit with some sample sizes and a full sized cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer plus a night serum. My husband really loved this so I let him get it for me as well:
I got home and immediately used the Shiseido cleanser/serum/moisturizer/eye cream before bed. The scent was a bit perfume-y but my skin felt amazing and I went to bed. The next morning, my eyes were swollen and a bit red but I had had 2 dirty martinis the night before at dinner so I blamed the salt in the olive juice and 8 olives I ate while waiting for our sushi. I took my bath, used the day lotion and put on my makeup for work. At the end of the day, my skin felt soft and looked fine but I noticed a small knot on my jaw. Since I have occasionally gotten these silly acne cyst things, I ignored it and put some spot cream on it. Then my nightly ritual again.
The next morning, I had a few more spots plus a small rash and my eyes were itchy and swollen. I attributed this to a change in my skincare products and continued using everything for a week. By the end of the week, I hated the way my skin looked and packed it all back up in the travel bag with the receipt while tearfully telling my husband I was returning it all.

A couple weeks ago, we made another trip to the mall. I stopped in Macy's to look at their Clarins products because I had loved the facial cleanser so much when I got the sample. Ghost town. We went to Sephora. The salespeople didn't really have much knowledge of the brand and they didn't have the cleanser I wanted. I never get ignored at Sephora but it too was a big fail. Onto Dillards. Nobody in sight but a girl at one of the other makeup counters said she would send someone over right away.
The man (yes, man) immediately came over and began telling us that he had been there for 17 years and at the Clarins counter for 5. He asked me my skin type, gave me lots of information and helped me to sort of understand the plethora of products. Here is what I got:

This cleanser with shea butter is amazing! It smells good and leaves my skin soft.I use it alone and with my Clarisonic (I do not use the Clarisonic every day)
Gentle foaming cleanser with shea butter

I use this exfoliator once a week. I have used it 3 times so far and it has not irritated my skin.
One-step gentle exfoliating cleanser with orange extract

This serum I use only at night. 

Double serum

My night moisturizer.

Multi-active night youth recovery cream
I don't really use a toner but I went ahead and got this one.
Toning Lotion with camomile

The choice of moisturizers was overwhelming. He told me to try the day firming. It is pretty light. Perfect for me.
Extra-Firming Day wrinkle lifting lotion

I also use this eye cream only at night.
Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Now here is where the deal became ever so sweet. For everything I purchased, I got a free sample. Their samples are huge!
I picked a body scrub, cellulite cream, firming lotion, a different cleanser, an eye makeup remover and another toner. Free!

I have used all of the face products daily for the past few weeks. My skin has not reacted negatively at all. It is soft, clear and seems to be glowing a bit more. The eye cream does not make my eyes itch or get puffy. The products have nice smells that aren't assaulting and a little goes a long way on all products.

As for the sample products:
I liked the body scrub but I prefer my Aveda Carribean Therapy. I have yet to use the lotion or the cellulite cream (that ship has sailed, it is here to stay) and the Alpine cleanser is lovely as well. The eye makeup remover is still unopened as I have some Clinique I want to use up.

The biggest con is the price. The serum, eye cream and day moisturizer are expensive. Actually they are all pretty pricey. I plan to use the entire bottles of all of it before I decide to repurchase. 

I ordered my husband the mens line in cleanser, eye cream (for dark circles and puffiness) and got some moisturizer samples. I am hoping he tries it but it is going to take some coaxing.

I will definitely get back to anyone who is interested in a few weeks.

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