Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rainbow Girl

A couple weeks ago, I walked into the Gap with my sister and I had to gasp and do a little happy dance.
You see, it has been a long stupid winter. And I am sick of charcoal, brown and black.
And people? There was color everywhere!!
And neon (I can pull off neon)
I vowed that this spring, some of that color would be mine.

It began with an acid yellow Loft top. 

Then, a neon pink cardigan.

Which goes with these shoes.

Then, my goal was to find some brightly colored pants.
Last week at the Gap Outlet, I found some mint colored pants. They are called Vintage crop rolled.

I went back yesterday. And got the pink, the tangerine and the blue.

I also had to have these bright yellow and cobalt half-sleeve cardigans.

I got this leopard scarf in pink, and the green one for a friend.

And this Target scarf coordinates with the pants.

This scarf is perfect, I love to wear it with navy.

Love this bag! I haven't carried it yet.....

These shoes were a Walmart find.

Remember this jewelry? It goes with many things.

I also ordered these babies from Old Navy. I can wear them with the colored pants and the jewelry. I wear the heck out of my denim shirt so I wanted a couple more. Now I have a light, medium and dark blue.

I mustache you a question.
Do YOU like color???


  1. Nice buys! I like color! Maybe it is a blonde thing?

  2. You are very colorful. But I mustache you a question. What's your favorite color?

  3. What a cute post! You can definitely rock neon!

  4. OMG I LOVE those pants. AWESOME colors, indeed. And that kiwi bag is so gorgeous. You look beautiful with all your new stuff. You beat the blahs of this endless winter for sure. My splurge was a pair of LIME green Riptides from Easy Spirit. They do not match anything at this point, in my closet but the hills around here were alive with the sound of music from me dancing around in them anyway. PS) Thanks for the bistro tip. A great idea.

  5. Someday, when I win the lottery or publish a wildly popular book, I'm going to lose A LOT of weight. Then, I'm going to beg you to be my personal shopper. I hate shopping, but I love your style!

  6. I still don't have the guts to wear the bright colors. I will leave it up to you. Love the bag.

  7. I have never been a bright color person until this year. Now I can't get enough of it. I really want that pink leopard scarf. I will be on a mission now.


  8. That neon pink looks fabulous on you!


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