Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally had time to play a bit.

Lots going on. 

2 days of school left. Graduation is the 24th. Where does the time go? I can remember taking him to preschool like it was yesterday! A little weepy about this.

I wanted a great dress for graduation and needed a dress for a wedding in June. I fell hard for this one from Anthropologie. I ordered the necklace I have been dying over as well. (and she has it on in this photo!)
The Ugg wedges were a great sale find last week.

Some of my recent favorite shopping finds:

2 new perfumes. I never get sick of good smelling stuff.
Angel's Trumpet from Anthro (my sister turned me on to this)

 And this mini spray from Escada

I adore my Vince Camuto flats. I just ordered my second pair of the Ellen style. The comfort is amazing and they were also a sale find.

These are ridiculous (and not me at all) but today was camo day at work (don't ask) and I wanted to join in on the fun (they were a Target clearance)
and this studded tee to match (the shirt isn't as green as it looks here, matches the green in the shoes)

Had a few date nights since I last blogged (and a chocolate soda from heaven)

new Italian place (with cute Italian husband)

oysters Rockefeller

What's new?? old? the same?
 trips to the city for supplies and Sephora

discovered and became obsessed with this show: (also realized that I take clear and beautiful photos)
 yes, that is a movie playing on my navigation system, we had it hooked up to play while driving. I watch movies while my husband drives, it keeps me quiet

saw Weird Al in concert (the ticket was a Christmas gift from an employee and her son, we had a blast)

found a cute table runner for the kitchen (Skip likes to sleep on it)

stocked up on lots of cute Gap tees during one of their many sales

dealt with unruly canines (and cold weather and endless rain)

took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale.
this eyeshadow is gorgeous. I am a little afraid to wear it but I love to look at it.

prettiest lipstick I have found (this month)
Dior Addict #578 

 new cheek color
new (to me) this week, so far, loving it!

best smelling candle so far this season

enjoyed the 2 days of sunshine we had last month (and the snow in May)had to get out the long sleeves

really fun polishes (I have discovered that I like my fingernails with polish- it hides their sheer hideousness)

butler please
mermaid's tale

come here!

in the cab-ana
bond with whomever
stupid self shots

 instagram addiction

my brother had a terrible accident (he fell, face first, and landed on a large, decorative glass wine bottle, broke it and severed his temporal artery, he has a huge gash in the side of his head next to his ear and his jaw and I am not posting the gory photos) and lost a lot of blood and scared us all half to death. He is fine now, thank God!!

trained a new part time manager. We are really excited about this, more time off together (eventually)

hired some new employees, some stayed, some didn't, some were scary

made a new friend, had a great time shopping til we dropped (even with her 2 very small and noisy children) 

have had a great year in business, but with it come some challenges, ugh, but we are going in to our 7th year as restaurant owners (not for the faint at heart)

crappy spring weather: snow, ice, rain, no sun

my sister in law surprised us by buying a plane ticket for the little one's graduation, super excited that she will be traveling so far 

the big one is making me lose sleep, he has made some very poor decisions lately and we are letting him do his thing (we did have to bail him out when he took off to Florida with no money but now he is closer to home (not sure where, though he does answer phone calls)

when I do sleep, I dream about killing zombies


still trying to dig out of the funk, some days are better, some are bad 

that's it

what are YOU doing? 


  1. LOVE the hat and the zillion other things you mentioned. Going to have to check out that Limoncello candle, for sure. Congrats to your son and you on graduation. I have a child who answers phones rarely and keeps everything top secret too.

  2. Your Graduation ensemble is fantastic!!
    I have some questions..1. Does the new cheek color have shimmer? I am not a glitter girl in the make up dept. It makes me look sweaty. I am striking out though on my quest. 2. I ADORE that floral scarf.-what is your instagram name? I want to follow!!

  3. I'd love to see Weird Al! My sister saw him once and had a blast.

    I must have that candle. :)

    Have a great weekend. ☺

  4. On my way to Bath & Body Works as soon as I hit "publish!"

    I LOVE all your "selfies!" (aren't you impressed with my knowledge of hip and happening terms like "selfies?") You're so damn pretty!

    I'm glad things seem to be going so well with the restaurant. It's so hard to find someone to put in that trusted management position, isn't it? My brother had to fire his manager at the bar last year, and he's STILL trying to find a replacement! He's had to work more than usual since then, but I kinda like it cuz that means AUNTIE gets to spend lots of time with MONKEY! ;-)

    Congrats on Little's graduation. That outfit is gorgeous! Sorry Big is giving you headaches. :(


  5. It was good to see a post from you. You work hard and play hard. That is how it should be. Your date nights sound wonderful. Whenever we talk about doing a date night, we usually throw a steak on the grill and opt for staying home. Stupid old people!

  6. OH. MY. GOSH. Where do I start??? How about graduation?! I recall we both have graduating seniors...It hit me BIG TIME on Thursday night for her last spring concert when she was sitting up on stage with her group in her adorable black dress and heels (she gets it honestly with the shoe thing) singing 'Fix You' by Coldplay and I just LOST IT. Tears streaming down my face, as the song says. It hit me, like a Mac Truck. This is IT. Our graduation is the 24th as well, and I have done NOTHING yet to prepare. School is kicking my ever widenin' behind. I will have a few hours shy of five days to get ready for the celebration. I am (as my son would say) 'totes jelly' of that AWESOME ensemble you have procured for your upcoming events. I haven't shopped. Heck, I haven't even switched out my winter/summer clothes yet. I am beginning to sweat and often in my heavier pants and sweaters - if only it would bring on some weight loss. Ha ha.

    I love all your e-card things. The one about working full-time? Just put in a 14 hour work day writing a final and grading !#%##$%@!! portfolios so yeah. I can relate. Also loved the 'let's go outside so I can stand around and sniff instead of pee' cartoon. Perfect! for my dog.

    You are gorgeous!!! Geez, that hair is awesome!

    Date nights...what is that? My husband has begun to ask me my name when I come in the door because I am gone/working so much.........ack! BUT he has a get-away planned in just a few weeks - just the two of us, and he's not telling me where we're going!! Whooo hoo!

    Aw, I hear you about BIG. We had some unfortunate choices made from our Big back in March and I am just hoping he has grown up a little and will be set to start a little growing up upon his return and start back to school soon. Parenting doesn't really ever stop, does it?

    Yikes about your brother and I am glad he is doing well!



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