Monday, May 13, 2013

We survived our busiest day yet!
We have had a great week, best so far, and our busiest and most profitable Mother's Day.

Here was our weekend...

One of our servers saw a snake sitting on the newspaper machine looking in the window at her while she ate her lunch. It happened to be the woman who is the most terrified of snakes (like me). When one of our cooks tried to catch it and move it, it crawled into the paper machine.
Good times.
Animal control was called.

Holy shizzle.
Not poisonous but who really cares.
SSSSSSSeeeee ya later, sucka!
(no snakes were harmed, no lives lost)

The hounds had a spa day yesterday. 3 got shaved, all 4 got baths and pedicures (ha)

Finn and Kona look like lions.
Molly is still a princess.





Went to a scholarship awards ceremony for this little one. He got some small awards from the college is he attending and was one of 2 students in his graduating class to get a scholarship for the highest ACT score.
(I really missed my calling as a photographer, stupid iPhone pics)
He is a giant.

After an insanely busy Mother's Day breakfast and lunch, I took a break out in the sun between shifts. It was a beautiful day!!

Shirt and necklace- Anthropologie

Adore my new necklace!

I wore my rose gold watch-Target, BCBG bracelet (buy here) and new nail polish-Loreal "Now You Sea Me"

The Anthro dress I bought for graduation did not fit. I really disliked the colors in person as well so it is going back.

The little one got me some of my fave candy for Mother's Day and a cute Snoopy card (his favorite)

I did hear from the big one as well, a "Happy Mother's Day and I love you".

I ordered myself a few new candles and lotions from B & B Works (love good-smelling stuff!)

I am loving this watch, I need a gold one so it is on my "list"

I finished all 3 seasons of The Walking Dead
How cute is this boy?

He can smash a zombie to bits and look hot doing so..

I am ready for a hot date with a cocktail, a Lush bubble bar and my bed.

Have a great week!


  1. Loving that nail polish and bracelet.

  2. That guy is in Love Actually and I absolutely lust after him. There is something so hot about him. And I LOVE those B&B hand creams.

  3. Holy Moly! I would have freaked seeing that snake the window.

    I'm glad you guys had a great mother's day crowd. Wasn't it a gorgeous day? A little cool, but gorgeous.

    Congratulations to the little one on his awards and scholarships. Awesome kid!

  4. Holy cow move the restaurant! I hate snakes!
    Love the polish.

  5. That was a good sized snake, too!
    Sounds like Mother's Day was a success at work and at home.
    I LOVE scented candles and am drooling over here over those!
    You look beautiful in the sunshine in your new finery.
    Congrats to tall one on awards and scholarship!
    I haven't seen the second half of season three, I don't think--but love the zombie smashing for some uncomfortable reason--LOL! He is cuter in those pics than on the show. (Maybe because he always looks so mad all the time on the show.)
    Happy Hump Day!! :):)


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