Saturday, June 8, 2013


I think the warm weather is finally here. I do love me some sunshine and hot temps and the cooler weather and rain has saddened me. Next week in the 90's!!

The rain has definitely made my yard super green and gorgeous! The magnolia and Japanese lilac trees smell like heaven!

The pond guy needs to get out here and clean the pond.  Pretty sure my fish have been fooling around because I have 3 more than I did last year.

I am going to a wedding tomorrow for one of our employees. I do not like her future husband at all but I will support her. I will say this: if he lays a hand on her again, I will chop him into pieces and feed him to my dog/fish/garbage disposal. I also learned from Breaking Bad that a plastic tub and some acid can do wonders for body disposal. Not a threat, just an observation. 
I plan to wear the cute Vince Camuto dress I bought for a steal a while back.

Speaking of Vince Camuto, did I mention I have a love for his Ellen flats? These are my latest pair and I have a coral pair on the way. So comfortable!!!

I got this cute ring last week at the Nordstrom sale online. Less than $20!
I thought I would share my bedtime look. The hair is cray-cray but my skin is really happy with the Clarins skin line I have been using. So far it hasn't erased the furrow in my forehead though.

We are beginning the college countdown. Picking a dorm, deciding if he wants a roommate (he doesn't), meal plans and classes. The fun part will be picking out dorm supplies, he hates shopping and I love it.

The little one's birthday went well. We got him the  desktop computer he wanted for his dorm room and a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet so he can take it to class. Then we took him and his best friend to dinner on the lake.

I have been waiting for this Anthro necklace to go on sale and my wish came true. I wear the heck out of my other one and this one will go with so many things!
Speaking of shopping, I have a sickness for these sleeveless, button up shirts. I got a few at Target and a few at F21. I wear them with skinny jeans and flats or sandals.
See, here I am today. This one is from F21 and has faux leather on the collar and pockets.

Yesterday was hair day. Color and cut- badly needed! It was also customer appreciation month so I got a free back and shoulder massage, relaxing eye treatment and a quick manicure and hand massage. And she curled my hair which still looked great this morning so I didn't wash it!
I actually like the collarbone length so I only had her trim it.
Sadly, I cannot curl my hair to save my life. 

I have now watched all seasons of Glee, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Mr. F bought Game of Thrones so I guess that is next. And I want to catch up with Dexter and The Big C. Anything else I need to see??

I want to do another fun makeup/beauty product post soon. I have picked up a few new things here and there that I want to talk about. 
We now have an Ulta so I made my first trip there on Monday. All I got was some hair product for my husband and some lipglosses. I still prefer Sephora but it was fun.
These are still some of my favorite glosses.
We are in the precess of having our floors done. I picked the hardwood I want but the tile for the kitchen and half bath is the hard part. I love the colors slate offers but I want porcelain. Here is the sample I like (just the center square) and then some of the smaller squares in a pattern. You cannot tell from the bad photo but there is a lot of color, blues and greens in it as well. 

 Gotta run!!



  1. Your hair looks so pretty all curly! Well, you look pretty all the time.

    Have fun at the wedding tomorrow. Hopefully, the groom won't be stupid in the future. Just in case, don't forget I'm Italian, and I'm from Chicago...I got a guy.... ;-)

  2. You look super gorgeous with your hair and those shades. You find the coolest things. Love that tile.

  3. Cute shirts, and I love the hair and shades.

    I went to Ulta yesterday, and I'm going to give Bareminerals a try again. Let me know if you find anything to get rid of the forehead burrows.

  4. You're so pretty! You certainly don't look old enough to have to boys in college.

    I've been thinking about watching Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones...any recommendations on which to start first? I just finished The Big C...I haven't cried so much since the last time I watched Beaches. And I CANNOT WAIT for Dexter to come back!

    Have you seen The Newsroom? I loved the first season & cannot wait for the second. I have a thing for Aaron Sorkin...I loved The West Wing, too!

  5. Except for Glee, I watch all those programs. I am watching Breaking Bad right now as the DVDs arrive and have one left to go. Walt's gotten so evil!!

    You look so cute with the curls! But then, you always look so cute!

    I don't know why women stay with men who lay a hand on them. But then, I stayed in emotionally abusive relationships for years...guess I drew the line on physical violence. But hurting is hurting. Yup! Big plastic barrels.... ;)

    I have no doubts you will have young man all outfitted for his dorm room. You'll miss him!

  6. Curls are great on you!!!!!

    Great post - always love the mixed bag of updates kinda posts. Can't believe our kiddos are graduated! Next phase of life, here we come!


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