Monday, July 1, 2013



Is it wrong that I am a little bit sad that it is already July and winter looms right around the corner?
Winter sucks.
Ok, winter isn't all bad except the part where it is cold and dark and snow happens.
I do like sweaters and boots and not caring if I look tan or not.

Moving on...
I always say this but I have been busy.
And nobody really seems to be reading (if you are, you read fast and rarely comment, like me) but I will continue to write as I can.

Work is the busiest we have ever been. I am competitive so I try to beat last years numbers every day. We have an amazing staff and happy customers and the bills get paid so life is good.

Here we are at a wedding a few weeks ago:

With a couple girls from work

And myself and the bride (one of my employees)

We are having our floors done on the 14th so we have 2 weeks to clean and pack up everything on the main floor.
This troubles me greatly.
So far, I have packed the entire dining room and moved it all to the basement.
I plan to paint this room soon. It is red but an ugly red so I need to go on a hunt for the perfect paint.

The living room also needs to be painted before the floors go down and that paint has been purchased and placed in an area unbeknownst to me. 
Maybe the garage.

Today, Mr. Funnypants and I worked on the basement.
I now have a pile for a garage sale that I have no interest in having.
And all of our crap is organized down there.

The office and garage are going to be super fun.
We are doing those next Monday and Tuesday.

I am supposed to go to a small gathering today for the 4th of July and bring a crudite plate. I don't feel like going.

My sister in law is in town with her 3 kids for 10 days. This is a bad time due to the cleaning/purging schedule we are on so time is scarce.

My fridge died last week (we had it fixed, it is only 2 years old) and everything had to be thrown out so I also need to get some food.
I did get a chance to deep-clean it though, which was on my list.

I have to buy groceries, lightbulbs, mail a package, pick up dry cleaning, wash my car, drop off some tile samples and pick out some tile for the bathrooms upstairs we are also having done. And pick out paint.

And my knee hurts really bad right now.

I am really excited about our dinner with friends at the lake on Thursday. I never really leave the house anymore except work and errands so I am super stoked.

And I need a pedicure really badly.

What has been going on with you?



  1. Just love those wedding pictures. The glasses are so cool. Good luck painting. The new floor will be awesome, I'm sure.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading all this!!

    I'm really happy that business is good for you guys. Times are tough, so I'm glad you guys aren't suffering. Business at the bar has been slow lately, which makes us really nervous. Hopefully it'll pick up a bit soon, as we are (finally!) putting in an outdoor seating area this week. (long story, TONS of red tape to deal with!!) Wish us luck!

  3. You seem really busy---it must be madness trying to run a business.

    I've been away from blogging for quite awhile, but I'm back at it now, and slowly getting to visit all my old keep on blogging!!!

    Looking forward to a pic of your paint choices!!

  4. Love the wedding photo of you two. That color on you is great!

    I have a HUGE list of things to do (at home), but I'm spending 10 days at the beach instead....three of which I will be totally by myself. (Sent the Hubs home to work for a few days before he returns for the 4th.) It always sounds good in the planning stages and then I wonder why I did it. However, so far (day 1) it's all good! Must have needed a break {wink} I know, I'm lucky. Life is good.

    I do not envy you having to pack up THE MAIN FLOOR. THAT is a ton of work. After it's all done, however, you'll forget about how you got there and it'll all be worth it, right? Kinda like childbirth...

    Have a great 4th!

  5. Yes, you always sound very busy--because you ARE. ;)
    And with all the remodeling, too--whew! Glad you found time to post and say hi, though. Always glad to hear from you. :)

  6. Hey no worries - I think a half a half a dozen people are reading mine on these hazy, lazy summer days...oh, them, and Russia. Whee! I always look forward to Funny dropping us a line!

    Your post just makes me long for a girls' night - or weekend. I want to get away, with my girlfriends, don crazy glasses, take ridiculous pictures of ourselves, sing at the top of our lungs and just be. That is on my wish list for the summer.

    You're gorgeous as always, busy and all. Hope you have your sanity after the flooring incident. Let us know!

    Hugs - virtually, of course!

  7. And you continue to all things looking FABULOUS!!!!

    I hear what you're saying - I have 0.2 readers, including Russia. I keep saying "It's summer." Oh whatever. I'm going to ramble. Girl's gotta ramble.

    Always super glad to see Funny pop up on my favorite's list!!!


  8. I'm here, I'm reading. Trying to be better at commenting. (on everybody's blog!)

    ACK! You're a whirlwind of activity and remaining the picture of style while you're at it. :)

  9. Soon we'll be saying Merry Christmas :)

  10. Girl, you should skip your 4th thing and RELAX!! :-) Have some you time!! We used to have yard sales a lot (our neighborhood is a crazy yard sale one) and we used to make good money but oh the work. Now we take it all to goodwill and use it as a tax write off. :-) You look beautiful in the pic with your husband!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. When you are done....come to my house. I need help packing.




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