Friday, July 5, 2013

phone dump

phone pics

I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat the other night so my husband said we were going to look at cars (my least favorite thing) so I told him I wanted to drive these

I wanted to see what $80,000 drove like.
His words? "ARE YOU SERIOUS??"
So after calling out the window to the sales guy, he ran inside to get the keys.
He proceeded to kiss our asses and ask us a million questions (mostly about hubby's Mustang- yes, we sold the big ones car and he got a second car for fun) and they talked about horsepower and how fast they could go in 60 seconds blahblahblah
(btw, my Caddy has 403 power of the horses)
It was fun while it lasted but I was hungry by then.
(I am going to keep mine, it still is the smoothest ride ever.)

I did, however, scare the pee out of the salesman around some sharp corners. He sat in the middle of the back seat while I pretended to drive for Nascar.

Those BMW's do hug the curves though.

Had Red Lobster.....

Restocked the fridge after everything was ruined when the fridge broke.
Please tell me why only one cashier was open on a Wednesday at 7pm??

4th of July.
M and I went up early to shop the sales for a few hours and the guys came up later to meet us for dinner. 
One of the guys at work got into some trouble with the law and is in jail on a work release program. We tease him a lot so I got this Loft top to wear to "the prison dance" (that's what I am going to tell him)
My husband is trying to find him a prison orange cooks apron.

Dinner with friends at the lake. We invited our new manager and her husband. She and I have become fast friends. She took some photos of us.

The weather was beautiful, not too hot. The food was amazing, the company was great and the fireworks show was one of the best ever.

See my crazy husband photo bombing me?


Today we met  for lunch and then took her kids to the park, picked out tile for the upstairs bathrooms, looked at area rugs for the dining room, living room and office and picked up new paint for the dining room.

This is the red I chose.

I am seriously thinking about a pink front door.

Have a great weekend! (it feels like Sunday already to me)


  1. The car ride sounds like serious fun. especially the Nascar part. LOVE it.

  2. Great pics. I love the purple top you're wearing.

  3. Feels like Sunday to me also today. Several times I got excited when I realized I had "one more day to play" before heading back into the work week. Loved the pictures!

  4. I don't know cars at all, so I had no clue what you wanted to drive--LOL!
    Love all your candid shots. Glad you have the working frig restocked. But I would go with a red door. I've always loved red doors. Pink would be more you, I suppose, though. At least you will have a red dining room--whoohoo! ;)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You look great!

    Your food from Red Lobster looks yummy!! Lobster and crab are in season here now, so we are having it quite often---love it :o)

    I really like the color you chose for your dining room. I think a pink door on the house would be most bold----you should go for it, it'll look gorgeous.

    You know the fun part of painting your front door a wild color, observing as over the next few months lots of people in the area will go with a version of your color...honest---take note!!! ha ha

  6. Ohhhh, love the purple flowered dress. You look great. :-)

  7. Hey there!! Girl, you looks gorgeous!!! And thanks for making me want to go and get some shrimp scampi from the Red Lobster. :-) HAHA!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Hi. Just catching up with you miss you. Like the pink door. It would look nice on the house.

  9. I miss you!!!

    I am on the crazy train right now.....guess what? We got an offer on our house so I am busy packing. We have to be out by August 30. YIKES!

    I hope after we get settled in our new home that I can start a new Blog and get back to some normalcy....whatever that is.

    You are looking STUNNING. AS USUAL.

    Back to packing!

    Love you oooodles!

  10. I love the pink door! And your hair looks great in these pics. Love the color and the longer length.


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