Thursday, August 29, 2013


I have tried several times this past week to get a post out but when I finally had time, I realized that my keyboard did not work. Got a new one so here we go.
Although we are still not finished with all of the remodeling (one thing leads to another) I was able to get my new desk arranged and computer back up and running. 
Here are some random thoughts that will amuse and bore you.

I have not watched television for weeks. I am so behind on some of the shows I watch, I may never catch up.  I haven't even turned on the news in the morning while I get ready because the livingroom tv is still not hooked up. I do read USA Today at work and People online on my phone so I am not a complete loser.

I have read a few blogs, my favorites but mostly haven't commented. I am still here but the ipad is all I have had and I refuse to do much on it.

Update on the remodeling:

I repainted the dining room. It is a better shade of red.

My husband decided to get a new tub for the master bath. I did my homework and decided on the bathtub only dreams are made of.  It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and installed next week. We still have to have the master bath floor and tub area tiled but we are still waiting for a bull-nosed tile piece on back order. I think my husband said it could be started without it.

We are still looking for baseboards. Ours were in pretty bad shape so I plan to buy them and paint them myself so the contractor can install them when the bathroom is ready.

We had a lot of the wood left over so we have decided to have the upstairs hall carpet removed and the wood put there as well. I found a runner to put on the stars to get rid of that old carpet as well. Like I said, one thing leads to another.

I need to measure and order a runner for the entry hall and living room but we aren't going to put area rugs in the dining room and office at this time. The wood is just too gorgeous to cover.

The wallpaper in the kitchen and half bath are coming down. I haven't decided what to do with the walls yet.

I plan to post lots of before and after pics when we are done.

The little one is slowly adjusting to college life. We went shopping for his dorm on the 9th, moved him in on the 10th and I went up again on the 11th to drop a few last things off and have lunch with him and get his books.  He is an hour away and does pretty well with texting me every few days. His girlfriend went with us Monday to have a nice dinner with him. He does have a very heavy class load and I think he struggles a bit with studying, never had to in high school. Chemistry and Calculus are way different in college but he has always enjoyed having to stretch his brain. I picked him up a few fall shirts and some things for the room so I hope to see him again soon.

It is strange to have this big house to ourselves. I have a lot less laundry and dishes but in the evenings it is really quiet and sometimes I feel sad that the kids are gone. It is exciting that the house is coming together with all of the new things but with only 2 of us here, it seems odd. I know we are bringing up the value of the house for when we someday move and it needs to be done but I wish we had this much room when the kids were little and we were cramped in tiny rentals.

I bought my first blazer (since 8th grade- I was preppy) at Gap the other day. I am such a cardi girl and needed a change. Then I found a striped one yesterday. I may be hooked. I am always cold at work. I also ordered some boyfriend jeans and some leopard booties for fall. I have really done some shopping this summer and promised my husband that I would get on the wagon for a while because we went over budget so much on the house repairs.

I finally made a trip to Tulsa. I went with a girl from work to see her sister's new baby and we went to dinner and did some shopping. I found a few things at Anthropologie (on sale!) and she got a few Christmas gifts. I also hit up the Gap for some staples like their essential tees and some sweaters. We were only there 24 hours but managed some need time away (she has 2 very small children)

Our friend and heating/cooling guy passed away a couple weeks ago. He started having headaches and they found 9 tumors in his brain. They gave him 3 weeks without radiation and up to 7 months with it but he had a heart attack and died 2 weeks after his first treatment. If you remember, he was very sick around the time my MIL was diagnosed and they said his cancer would probably come back. That was almost 2 years ago. My husband was a pallbearer at the funeral but I was unable to go. I have spoken to his wife several times and she isn't doing very well. We all hoped for a miracle.

Lots and lot of pics on phone, maybe I will get them on here tonight.

I am starting to ramble now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last of the summer.


  1. Oh man, I know how one thing leads to another...not at your scale but still..
    Looking forward to the pictures!

    So sad about your friend. I'm trying to decide if going fast is better or not. :(

  2. WOW you are really remodeling. I'd go crazy trying to cope. You sound like you're handling it fine, though. So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.


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