Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last day of October

It sure seems easier to post photos instead of lengthy posts these days. 
Here is a glimpse of what we are doing these days:

We went to our "best boss" dinner at a fancy place. The toilet had an agenda (I didn't try it out)

I tried out a boutique I had been wanting to visit for a while. I love Free People clothing but cannot think about spending so much on a top. This one was reasonable, and comfy.

Fireplace is done and even has a remote. My husband even picked out a nice screen to cover where he removed the ugly doors. (the gold trim will have to go)

I saw this somewhere online and want it for my birthday. Gorgeous pale periwinkle blue icing! Luckily, my girlfriend has a baking business.

Went outlet/sale shopping last week with a friend. We both got these pretties (Bass outlet)

More shopping finds (top and sweater-Marshall's, necklace-Bass, jeans-Gap)
I love to take outfit photos and save them on my phone for when I need outfit ideas. Saved me more than once!

This tree was mostly dead. My hubby and the neighbor cut a few of them down but you never heard such sadness. #RIPtree

I wore this Lucky Brand sweater 3 times this week (dinner one night, work the next day and then the trip to Tulsa)
I took this in a car dealership bathroom. 

Took a short trip to see the family.
Had a lovely lunch with 2 of my sisters.

Road trip.

My Halloween scarf and earrings (Target)

I took these photos today while driving through my neighborhood. The fall colors are amazing right now!

Our neighborhood has a rule about cluttered yards. Clearly it isn't a strict rule.

  I made this collage for Instagram.

We went to Tulsa to get this. Traded in my husband's Mustang for a sedan. A "sporty sedan " he calls it.  I have yet to drive it since it is a bit tricky. It doesn't use a key (push button start) and has some nifty options. It was a nice ride on the drive home (definitely not as fast and jumpy as the GT and not as smooth as my SUV but fun anyway)

I have a sinus and ear infection this week. My brother-in-law wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic when I was in Tulsa and I do feel much better but my ears are still clogged and my head aches.

I am looking forward to finally getting the house remodel finished. The drywall guy will be here Monday and after that I have to hit the ground running.

Our Thanksgiving count went from 3 to 7 to almost 20. Oddly, I prefer to cook a crowd.

This year will be my first Black Friday shopping adventure. Any tips from the pros?

I am in the process of writing a post about some new favorite things, some old faithfuls and some I am unhappy with. I want to touch base with Mel and see if she will join me or at least add her input. See you then....


  1. Love everything you showed. My mouth is watering for that cake, though.

  2. My advice about Black Friday, don't go :) I hear there are lots of good deals out there, go early and figure out what you want to hit based on the sales papers. Loved all the pictures of the leaves and their colors; we don't get that here so its neat to see them through pictures on other blogs.


  3. I'm so jealous of those gorgeous fall colors!! I've been bitching for weeks now because it's freakin' November, and the trees are still GREEN around here!!

  4. Those colors are beautiful! Our leaves here are mostly yellow. I miss the red.

    I want that cake too!

  5. It really has turned into an amazing Fall color-wise, hasn't it. I was afraid the rain would knock all the leaves down, but the bluffs are still oh so pretty! Love the pictures and the clothes. I need you to take me shopping sometime. I never find the cute stuff you do!

  6. We NEED to have cake together and of these days. Preferably before the second Tuesday of next week. Haha!

    You have been one busy chickie. Going to send you my new email, phone number, addy, etc.....

    Off to catch up on more of your posts!


  7. I, too, love Free (the) People clothes...but I refuse to pay the prices!
    Love, LOVE Fall and all those beautiful colors!
    We had a toilet with the same "options" in our hotel in NYC. I did try a couple of the options. Interesting to say the least.
    I've never done the Black Friday shopping thing. Probably never will.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow! A jam packed post! I have never gone shopping on Black Friday and never plan to. Not one for crowds. But you can show us what you got, right? ;)
    The trees there are just stunning!! I love that sweater!

  9. I'm up for a product post. Although that may mean I actually have to post something.

  10. Hey there!! Happy New Year!!
    Always love seeing your pictures even if we are a little late! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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