Monday, December 9, 2013

Half Bath Reveal!

I said it for months, it would be a Christmas miracle if the house was done in time for the holidays. What was supposed to begin in July was postponed time and again because our contractor was disorganized, lost his help or had family emergencies. He was honest, fair and hard-working so we kept him. We still are waiting for the backordered runners for the hall and stairs and the master bath still needs to be painted but for now, we are resting.

Here are the remodeling photos of the half bathroom off the kitchen. Powder room sounds stupid, although, I have been known to put powder on in this room.

The walls were painted yellow. Truthfully, it was textured, paintable wallpaper. It was livable but not a forever look.

In some light it looked pretty. The plates were on the wall when we bought the house and I kept them and stuck with the yellow and blue color scheme.

The first layer of paper peeled right off.
Underneath it was another wallpaper. And a border on the top and halfway down. It was glued on by some type of epoxy meant to last for all eternity. I tried Downy, vinegar and Dawn. At one point, I woke up in the morning and could not bend my fingers they were so sore from scraping. Then I got smart and borrowed a wallpaper steamer. It took days but it finally got most of it off.

The walls were trashed. I had chiseled down to the drywall paper and left a horrible mess.I won't lie, I spent some time crying. And the clean-up was a sticky mess. More crying. Luckily I had lots of evenings alone to work on it but I did have a friend help me scrape wallpaper too.

I weighed my options and lived with it for a while. We finally found a drywall guy (after calling 9 people with either months of wait time or no return calls or even a few no-shows) who worked miracles.

This was the day before the drywall guy came. There are big chunks taken out of the wall all over.

 Brand new looking walls!!

I then primed the walls with 2 coats of Bin primer (latex primer sucked on all that dry spackling mud)and enlisted a friend to help me paint. We chose a blue-gray to bring some color out of the tile (which looked way too brown after installation, I cried a little about this)
The color is Sherwin Williams Breezy in a satin finish. I used this color in the kitchen under the chair rail as well.

 I primed and painted the cabinets and mirror (replacing it was out of the question and not worth a divorce since it was adhered to the wall and not easily removable), picked out brushed nickel door handles and let my husband pick out a new paper holder and hand towel ring.
The counter top has blue veins in it and is in good shape so it stayed.
The baseboards are new. The light fixture is going when I find one I love and I want new towels and maybe a few different decor options but for now, it is perfect for us.

The color seems to change with the difference in light. It looked really blue in the bright daylight yesterday.

 This is a better photo of the actual color. It is quite gray. 

I "shopped my house" and found the vases and the picture came from Homegoods.


  1. To tackle that is a lot of hard work. It looks marvelous. What a big difference you made. The new look has to bring you great joy.

  2. I do like the color of the walls, but wow what a process to get to completion. I am sure you are glad it is done!


  3. I used a steamer to take wallpaper off our master at the beach. It took an entire day...and I gave myself several hundred facials. It came off pretty good. However, that was 5 years ago and we still haven't had the room textured or painted. {sigh}

  4. It looks great! I like how the blue walls bring out the blue/grey in the floor. Nicely done!
    We removed a lot of wallpaper from this house too. A thankless job, I tell ya! THANKLESS!
    Then I thought the Hubby was going to have a heart attack when I told him I wanted to paper the powder room. But he let me do it anyway.
    He (still) loves me. :)

  5. Wow! Looking good!! I would love to brave some renovations but I don't know if I could endure the upheaval. My disorganized, chaotic mess is enough for now! Ha ha! Love the color you chose. Very calming!

  6. Looks great! Are we going to be seeing more of you now that it's over? :)

  7. Wow! It was worth all the time, sore fingers/hands, tears, and hard work. Looks wonderful! I love that picture you chose. Color that changes with the light makes life interesting. Congrats on the powder room being just about done. :) :)


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