Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas and the rest of December

We really had a nice December.

We played secret Santa for a few of our employees' kids to take some of the burden off. I really enjoyed picking out the toys and books and games but the wrapping is awful. I feel like I spent weeks wrapping. Maybe it was only days.

I celebrated another birthday. My friend (who bakes and sells her amazing creations) made me the exact cake I requested. A 3 layer periwinkle blue lemon cake with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It was delightful!

I got flowers from a friend and my husband on Saturday before my birthday. Everyone at work enjoyed them!

The little one got me this cute tunic and bright lemon colored necklace.

From my husband, the trip to Eureka was may main gift. He also got this Sanibel pendant necklace that I have wanted for months (after seeing it on a blog). It is long and reversible. 
Aqua on one side and a smoky brown stone on the other. I wear it several times a week and it goes with everything.

I am not even going to post all of the gifts but my theme was comfort and sparkle (or jewels). Yes, I have themes each year both for what I give and get. 
I can even make this a bit of a fashion and beauty post.

Before we even went into the living room, the little one wanted breakfast. I had cinnamon rolls but he wanted FOOD. A trip to the restaurant later, we had quite the spread. There were omelettes, ham, bacon, sausage, French toast, and cinnamon rolls.

I usually take hundreds of photos but now that the kids are older, they give me dirty looks so I just used my phone and got a few.

The little one's big gift was the Xbox One. He has had a really tough year in college with studying and exams and living in a dorm (he is one of those quiet kids who don't like a lot of people around and have a few close friends) and hasn't had much time for gaming. This is a comfort present for him. This is a pretty excited face for him and his laid back self. It was the only thing he asked for and I told him from the start that finding one would be almost impossible. 

The rest of his gifts were clothing items. Lots of soft hoodies, jeans, warm socks, Ugg slippers, and layering tees both long and short sleeved. New sneakers. I ordered almost all of the gifts I purchased online and everything was on sale. I got them all North Face jackets from Nordstrom and was shocked at how inexpensive they were.

My husband is really impossible to shop for. If he wants something, he buys it. I got him Ugg slippers too, lots of shirts and a few fleece jackets. I love that he started wearing button up shirts so I got him quite a few. I had the most luck at Gap but I found a Woolrich flannel in Eureka that he has ended up wearing a lot. Mel got him one too, in  a different color so he is set. He adores his North Face coat I got him a few Christmases ago so the NF fleece jacket was a hit. The little one got him some wooden models for his office, a helicopter and car. I also got him some leather boots/shoes. I only got this one photo. He opens fast and makes a pile and takes it upstairs.

I trashed my Ugg slippers during all the wallpaper removing and painting so I ended up getting myself a new pair. I put my slippers on the minute I walk into the house and I wear them until late spring or until it gets hot and I switch to flip flops. These are by far, the best slippers I have ever had. My tan one still feel great but have wallpaper glue and paint on them. 

And my husband got me some too. These are white and glittery!! 

I wanted a plain pair of short grey Uggs. I have quite a few pair of various shades of and styles of brown but gray was what I needed.  These also have sparkles and a stone!!  

And I wanted some waterproof boots to wear in the rain and snow. These are stylish and comfy.

The little one fixed me up with a bunch of bath and beauty products. I haven't tried any of the face products yet but the ginger scrub and lotion is just heavenly.

Can you see the theme here? Stella & Dot boxes. He got me a couple necklaces from there and one was a charm necklace, hence the many boxes. I got an initial charm, a tree, a love bar charm and a heart.

I love this so much. It has 2 chains and you can mix and match the stones or wear all 3.

I have already worn this to work twice and got so many compliments. It looks really expensive, like diamonds, but it isn't.

I saw this ring in Eureka and sent it to a friend to show my husband. It is Pandora. He got me the necklace too.

These pillows I got in the family name drawing from my brother. I also got a gorgeous gray poncho and striped scarf from Mel (no pics)

I got some gift cards as well and some Aveda goodies like my shampoo and lotions and body washes and a few other things that I cannot remember but I really loved my new coat and bag. They are both dark green and the coats has faux leather patches on the shoulders in black and the bag has black handles.

I picked up a few things for myself as well. I love these hooded sweaters. I have it in camel and black.

The big child was harder to buy for. He recently came back home and had been living on his own with very little for a while now. I got him silly hats (he loves Adventure Time) and layering tees. His big gift was a faux leather jacket. A lot of his gifts came after Christmas because the site I ordered from wasn't super fast. A sweater, undies, sneakers and clothes.

The 3 in one game table took hours to put together.

A 6'6 kid playing a table top game on the floor. Funny stuff!

We made spaghetti and meatballs for Christmas Eve dinner and chicken picatta for Christmas. We had a friend and her 2 kids over for Christmas plus the little one's girlfriend.

I really had a great time shopping (don't I always) for people this year. Buying toys and books for the littlest kids was the most fun (I miss that) but I also had a great time shopping for the girls I bought for. I found some great scarves this year at Gap! All the girls got one. 

We had some nasty ice for a few days. It was, however, pretty.

We went to a nice dinner the night before Christmas Eve. 

I worked Christmas eve day and decided to call in some extra staff for the evening. During the dinner rush, 2 of our cooks came down with the flu (and no, they weren't faking it to get out of work) One started violently vomiting and the other spiked a fever and chills and almost passed out. We were getting ready to head out to dinner so my husband got the little one and they both went in to replace the 2 cooks that left. I spent the evening alone in front of the fire. All 3 of my guys were at work. Mr. F got home at 9 and we went to a local place that was open late for NYE. Had a nice dinner and went home to bed. 

New Years Day was insane! We were so busy at work all day. Everyone did really well and we all left tired and happy.

The other night my husband said he had been thinking a lot about it and he would like to go back to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary. 

We loved Oahu but really want to go to a quieter island, he prefers Maui.
We immediately opened a vacation account for our trip. I got a few brochures from the travel agency but we have until next Feb. to plan this so I am just taking note right now. As of today, we leave in 400 days!!

That is it for December!! I am really trying to blog more even if it is only for my own journal (plus my husband likes to read my blog)

In the last few months, I have gotten some boots that I love but I am going to save that for it's own post, too long!


  1. Nice gifts. Where did you get the hooded sweaters? I am in search of a pair of black boots exactly like your uggs. Can't believe how hard it is to find them in my size. I prefer bearpaw., though.
    Looks like you had a great Christmas. It's so much more fun shopping for little ones.

  2. I forgot...happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas season. I thought I was bad, starting my holiday countdown at 102 days, but you've far surpassed that with 400! I hope you're putting X's on the calender already.

    Also, that's a very specific cake! I always just ask for spiced. :)

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all. Your presents are awesome. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love those slippers!! Seemed like a nice Christmas! Glad to hear you plan to blog more in 2014!


  6. that is one beautiful, luscious cake. Lemon and raspberry....oh my. Hawaii sounds like an awesome idea!


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