Monday, February 10, 2014


Despite the cold weather, January just seemed to fly by.

January was spent doing a bit of organizing, dealing with a lot of sickness at work, some snow and my never ending attempt at cleaning out spaces and ridding the house of clutter. I started off with a bang and ended with a nap.

We have gotten to the the point where we are thinking about another restaurant. Clearly we are lunatics, but we have been successful with the one we have and if we can survive through that economy, anything is possible. Again, we are just talking about it. I have a place in mind, it probably isn't for sale (my husband says EVERYTHING is for sale, for a price) but I think we could take what they have, improve the products and the staff, and tweak everything a bit to achieve a better version of what they are. CALL ME CRAZY!
A few years ago I would have thumped my husband on the head if he even mentioned it (and I did, and he did) but except for our weekly date nights and an overnight trip or 2 a year plus a week long vacation every 2-3 years, we spend most of our time working and hanging at home. We want to begin saving for a retirement home (in Hawaii) and another business could help with this plus we already have a good reputation in this town. My husband ran the idea by our banker, now to convince the bank of this..........

The little one was home this past weekend. We had a nice time when I did see him. most of his time was spent catching up on sleep in his own bed or studying. He and his girlfriend ended things so he was extremely somber around Christmas break. He is back to his sweet, quiet self now.

The rest of the month will probably be photos.

I got these to take to Hawaii. Yes, next year. I plan to pick up things here and there and put them away so when I am ready to pack, I have some fun outfits and surprises. Last time I shopped for a couple weeks before and since we made the plans in January, it was impossible to find warm-weather clothing in stores. I ended up spending way too much right before leaving. 

We somehow were all home at the same time so we went to at Mexican food for dinner. Everyone looks pissed but nobody was. They do hate pictures though.

On our way home from dinner one night, I happened to notice how many interior lights the new car has. It reminded me of a spaceship.

One of our employees sent this to me when she was shopping at Walgreens with the big one. It is a babies onesie. Funny and not funny.

I decorated a bit for Valentine's Day.

I never take a good picture. This is date night last week.

I tried to find a dressy blouse for Valentine's dinner. Husband ran errands after dropping me at the mall so I sent these 2 pics to hi and said "which one?"

He said "both" so I did.

I ordered these to wear on our anniversary/Valentine's Day. When they got here I was so happy because they matched the red shirt perfectly.

I was reading on the sofa last weekend and texted the little one to come down and sit with me. He spends a lot of time studying in his room, catching up on sleep in his own bed or Skyping or gaming with friends online. He was studying for a history exam here. 

Found this at Gap, on sale of course.
It felt springlike. (necklace is my beloved Stella & Dot reversible that I wear all the time)

I picked up a bag of the double chocolate Milano cookies. I ate them in 2 days. Sigh.

If you follow me on Instagram, this is my almost daily position after work. I start the dishwasher or throw in a load of laundry and grab a book or watch Scandal. It is just too cold to go anywhere or do anything else.

My husband left this on my pillow. I adore Hoops and Yoyo but when they started talking when I opened the card, Finn went crazy (maybe because they were speaking in French accents and he is German) and bit the side of the card. Then he runs and barks. Punk dog.

I was craving a chocolate soda. I am not much for ice cream and the consistency of a shake bothers me but 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream with soda water and whipped makes me happy.

Finn was showing dad where we keep the extra tennis balls. He enjoys chewing them into tiny pieces.

I got him this shirt as a joke. He said he is wearing it out for our anniversary and I told him to go for it.

Brownies. Love them! I did save one of these for my husband.

 Trip to Sams. Probably the shortest one ever.

 I sent this to my hubby the other day.

Again. In front of the fire. Yesterday and Saturday. In my defense, it was more cold and more snow and we were very busy both days and I took a long nap yesterday.


  1. Wow! What a post! Maybe another restaurant, kids home, Hawaii plans, riding in a spaceship, cool new clothes and shoes (can't quite read hubby's anniversary shirt, though), yummy foods (milanos are too good-my favs are the mint), warm fire, naps, books....OMG! This was such fun to read! Stay warm and keep finding cool things for Hawaii!! ;)

  2. I just love this...start to finish, which therefore, and foreto, (is that a word?) means, I love made with your pink converse self...

    I am grateful how adorable you and Hubs are...such an example of love through the different ages and stages of this thing called life and marriage.

    I snickered particularly loud at the 'I live at my parents' house' onsie held up by 'son'. I know....I KNOW that we are in the transitional empty nest, but dern. My eldest does have a tendency to come home and revert to pre-adolescent brain when he is home......really? Hubs and I are finding this guilty pleasure in the secret that we share in that we are completely ADORING our new togetherness as 'oldyweds' when the birds fly the nest (and hover before flying back...).

    You never take a bad picture.

    Where did you get Hubs' t-shirt?

    I still swear I need to take you shopping - I need serious HELP!!

  3. Good for you if you can do and want to do another restaurant! Good idea too to have a plan for a home in Hawaii and something to work for :)

    I think you always take great pictures of yourself! Don't put yourself down! You look gorgeous!


  4. I so wish we had a fireplace. My next home will.
    We have had some serious cabin fever with all the snow. Only worked one day last week because of road conditions.
    Lol on the onesie. They always come back. Always.
    Cute shirts. And I like your hair. I don't know why you don't?

  5. I think it's awesome you want to do another restaurant. LOVE the shirts and shoes too.

  6. Great Chucks! I love the pink. My hair is doing weird things this winter. I have never had a chocolate soda!!!

  7. We always love your recaps!! Go on girl with another restaurant! Anything to help with retired to Hawaii!! :-) Speaking of, love that you count down to your hubby. So sweet. We are like you with picking little things up here and there for your vacay. :-) Love all of the pics of you guys!! And now you have made us want BW3! :-) Love your hair, the new tops you got and that Stella & Dot Necklace!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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