Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion Friday- loves and hates

With it looking like spring might finally be here, my mood has slightly improved and I am seriously considering some deep cleaning and maybe starting to work out. 
Or maybe I will just start drinking more and the dirt and fat won't bother me as much.

Moving on....

I met some friends last week and also yesterday for a little warm weather shopping and here are a few observations: 
denim- I hate acid washed anything. It was ugly then and still is. Some parts of the 80's and 90's need to be kept a secret. Like the perm I had. Overalls (unless you are a farmer) and shortalls are included. I had some Guess overalls that I spent an entire paycheck on. I was thin back then and I wish I had pictures to prove it but I still looked stupid in overalls. We all did. Don't get me started on short denim overalls. I was an offender to those too.
And tapered jeans (known as mom jeans) were so comfy in the hips and thighs. But I have big ankles. I don't think anyone should do it. But i did it. And they are doing it again under the guise "high-waisted jeans" but they are essentially, the same. Only worse.
jumpsuits/rompers- just stop it already. Maybe a certain person and a certain jumpsuit look fabulous. Some love them but this is my own blog and my own opinion. Some people look good in everything. I hate jumpsuits. I took a photo of one in Target the other day and sent it to a friend with the caption that Target should be ashamed for even putting that suit in that pattern on display for innocent girls who don't know better. This one was satin and had so much going on, I almost passed out. I wanted to push the display to the back of the store to hide it. At a boutique yesterday, they brought a girl a paisley jumpsuit to try on. It was awful. She was a bigger girl with junk in her trunk (and she was so sweet) and they talked her into putting it on and then posing for a website photo. I cropped it and put the pattern on here
Imagine this all over your body and tight in the butt. She bought it. I kept my mouth shut but I hope her husband begs her to return it.

I  have throw pillows like that.

feathered hair- I saw a woman, an accountant, at a restaurant in my town yesterday with the biggest, fluffiest hair. Possibly a perm. Her bangs were ratted to stand up sooo tall and her use of hairspray was superb. When I asked my friend if it was still 1993, she said that the woman had worn her hair the exact same way as long as she has known her. She had a beautiful face and a nice body but the hair. It dated her. I guess if you find something that works for you.....When I mentioned that I wanted to  take a pic for the blog, my friend said "no way she would totally kick our asses, she is scary" Point taken. I have seen a lot of Farrah hair recently and I haven't decided what to think (mine never held a curl so I might be a bit envious) and in my small town, there are still a few bad mullets and permed bangs with the ratting and hairspray mania.
cropped shirts- hate them, but if you can do it, good for you. I also dislike the hi-lo dress and top. I like a long shirt so I hope they don't stop making them. I saw a sports bra looking top and parachute pants (because it is clearly Hammer time) on a girl at the mall and was transported to my high school years. Then the PTSD started and I wanted to drive by boys' houses and duck down and toilet paper yards. And cruise the Fontana parking lot in Tulsa. She had her head held high though so maybe it isn't the outfit, it is the delivery. I am sure she was thinking that I was a dork in a chevron top and skinny jeans and flats. And I am a dork. I can buy my chevron and plaid and gingham where you buy your cropped tops so we are cool. Still not going to wear them.
high top sneakers- even with a tall wedge and sparkly stones, I hate them

I have some favorites though. And they may not be other peoples' favorites.

I was wearing a navy gingham JCrew button up the other day and one of our customers (who wears camo every day, I even bought him a camo Chapstick as a joke) asked me if I was going to a hoedown. And one of my cooks said it looked like a table cloth. Will I wear it again? Yep. I have a royal blue one with smaller checks too.

I wear scarves. When it is hot and cold and in between. I am not ashamed at how many I own.
I just got this one at Target. I will spare you the 8000 scarf selfies on my computer.

And a customer at work made me this faux fur one.

Oh how I love stripes. Maybe big girls shouldn't wear a horizontal stripe but I don't care. I was bringing my clean laundry up to my closet the other day and laughed at the sheer amount of stripes that I wore recently.

Here I am with stripes and a scarf. (delivering necessities to the college dorm child)

So many stripes.....

Denim is a good friend. A denim chambray dress (I wore black leggings and tall boots but I rarely wear a short dress because I hate my legs)

Denim button up. This one is JCrew but I have several in different styles and colors.

I think this one is Old Navy.

And jeans. I own a restaurant. I get dirty, greasy, and occasionally bled on. (we went through a phase where the cooks were cutting themselves all the time) (were they suicidal?) I carry bus tubs and wash dishes and carry out food and pull dirty plates off of tables and clean hash browns and macaroni and cheese off the floor. I wipe tables, and get syrup on me and get spilled on. I will clean anything except vomit. I have cleaned disgusting things out of bathrooms and wiped up blood and snot and liquid poo. I will shovel now and scrub tile and empty trash cans. I wear jeans every day. I have several pair of these Vigoss jeans and several pair of another Vigoss style. I usually buy jeans at Gap either the outlet or online. I get the Vigoss online too. I love designer jeans but I don't fit into them so I pick cute and flattering jeans in my size. If I ever get thin, I will buy a pair of $200 jeans.

I love jewelry. Necklaces are probably my favorite. I can wear a simple shirt with a fun necklace. My favorite places to buy jewelry are Anthropologie, Target, Francescas, Charming Charlie, Nordstrom, Lucky, Fossil, small boutiques and Forever 21. There is a bead store in Eureka where I make a necklace or 2 every year. One of these days I will take a photo of how I organize my jewelry and scarves. And one of these days I will clean my closet again.

I actually could not find a photo where I wasn't wearing a necklace. These are some of my favorites.

One last thing. I take a photo of myself every day to note my outfit. If it is something I love, I might post it on Instagram and then I keep it in my phone. I can look back and see what I wore when I am staring at a ton of clothing and have nothing to wear. I also use Pinterest. I find a shirt I want to wear and type in what it is to see ways I could style it.


  1. Guilty of the overalls and short overalls. I loved them at the time.

    Parachute pants? Really?

    I am really into stripes right now, too. Not sure why. I get all mine at gap. Bought another one today.

    I have bought a few scarves lately, but I'm not sure if I will ever wear them. I don't like the way they hang over my boobs.

    Your hair is really cute in that last picture.

  2. LOVE your scarves and necklace. They are wonderful, each and every one.

  3. Oh that poor girl in that jumpsuit! I hope she took it back. If you're older than 2, you should not wear one piece outfits! It might kind of be cute as JUST a top. But all over? No. Just no.


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