Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take a nap first, this is long

Happy Spring!!

Lots of new and exciting things happening around here lately. Warm temps, green grass, the dogs shedding their winter coats EVERYWHERE and oh hey!? IT IS SPRING!!!

I am too lazy to post many pictures this time around but I will start with a few.
We booked our anniversary trip to Hawaii for next year.

It was really overwhelming with all of the islands and choices but we went to our adorable travel agent and told her what we wanted and she did it all! We really wanted to go to Maui but our friend who always goes to Maui told us that Kauai was his new favorite. We had a few ideas: we wanted quiet, seclusion, luxury, beauty and beaches everywhere.

We will be spending 5 nights at The Grand Wailea Resort in Maui. It is 40 acres of gorgeousness in including 9 pools, 9 bars and restaurants and the beach. Why would we want to go anywhere else, right? 
But after 4 days here, we are taking a day trip by boat to another island, Lana'i.

Rock gardens, botanical gardens, beaches and hiking. We will most likely rent a Jeep and do some rock climbing and take the trails to the highest scenic point, Lanaihale, where you can see all of the other Hawaiian islands (so cool!)

Then back to Maui for our last night and the next morning, we are flying to Kaua'i.......

.........for the next 4 nights. Since I changed our original itinerary and added an extra night in Kauai, we will be traveling on our anniversary. The Grand Hyatt looks gorgeous and totally worth the few hours of airport time and flying. Since Mr. Funny is always in charge of our anniversary dinner when we are away, and since I foiled his original plans of dinner in Maui, he made some crazy reservations.

Dinner in a private cabana on the beach. With our own butler. I was unable to talk him out of this and his reasoning was that Valentine's Day is crazy anyway and so busy and he wanted it to be relaxing, not rushed and very special. Ok, fine.

The hotel is amazing!
With both saltwater and freshwater pools, waterslides and the beach just steps away, it will be just what we need.

I want this trip of a lifetime to be relaxing and fun so we are renting a Jeep on all 3 islands so we can visit the different beaches, restaurants, waterfalls, gardens and shops.
When we went to Hawaii in 2011, we stayed in Oahu on the beach and had an amazing time but it was always crowded with tourists and we were elbow to armpit on the beach in Waikiki. We want to avoid the crowds and see more of the lush greenery and flowers that the more tropical islands have to offer. Our original plan was to stay on the north side of Kauai at the St. Regis in Princeville (where our friend recommended) but we will be there in Feb. instead of July (when he goes) and the threat of rain in the winter months is much higher up north so the Grand Hyatt won out. Not a bad trade.

When we decided to take this trip, I started a "Hawaii Box" to fill with things I want to take. I am purchasing things to take and wear for the both of us so we will have nice things for the 5 star resorts plus clothing and shoes for hiking and exploring and I did get a new bikini as well. I have been reading blogs about what to take and I want to do a packing post sometime to explain my madness and make it easier on myself for when I start to pack. I love to wear new clothing on far away trips so everything I buy will be saved for Hawaii. So far I have a couple of nice maxi dresses, and I am going to borrow a couple from a friend too. She is going to Savannah right after we get back so she will borrow mine then too. (my husband thinks this is weird) I always overpack so this time I want to have all of my outfits organized and planned so I don't have to pay extra baggage fees. Flying is terrifying enough for me.

Onto other things....
The big one moved out (again) He had moved back home right before Thanksgiving and after some rocky months, he agreed to see a doctor for some of his anxiety and depression issues. The treatment seems to be working well and he decided to move in with a longtime friend 2 hours away. Fingers are crossed.

The little one is almost finished with his first year of college. Also a rocky start (lots of studying, mean parents, girlfriend drama and becoming accustomed to living away from home) but he has improved a lot and after failing Calculus (but passing Chem 1) first semester, holing up in his room the entire month of winter break and barely speaking to us (long story- involves a stupid girl), his grades are acceptable. He plans to work for us this summer and reorganize his room. He has made a blueprint and measured it but I told him he has to clean it first. He also wants to relax a little, spend time with friends and hang out with his annoying dog. I have a feeling some painting might be involved too.

After much discussing and looking, I decided to get a new car. My first brand new vehicle ever. I got to handpick every single option. I am very happy with my choice and Mr. Funny loves it as well. 
Here it is the day I picked it up. I still have to get a few more things for it, mudflaps, a cargo net and tint the glass but it is almost identical to my Escalade. 
And it has so many safety options like adaptive cruise control and a blind-spot indicator and Pandora accessible radio. The seat vibrates if you or another car cross the line on whichever side is crossed.

We are still working a lot. That never changes. I am still on days and Mr. is nights so we try to have one date night at home doing nothing and one out to dinner each week. We want to get away for a night or 2 (we did not go on a single getaway last year) but the time hasn't been good for that yet. 

I was able to go to Tulsa for my sister's baby shower last month.

This one is super funny because he owns a sleep clinic.

  Working on the nursery

I was trying to get a shot of my sisters and their husbands were being dorks, as they do.

 Nobody liked this picture but I don't care. It is what it is. We all went to dinner.

It was really warm the day of the shower. I dreamed abut beaches and blue water by my sister's pool.

We are in talks of cleaning the garage, finishing the indoor painting and getting the yard ready for summer.
We are having our decks stained as well.

What are you up to?????  


  1. Hi there-----glad to see you back on the radar----I am green with envy about your wheels--tehe!!!!! Cheers:)

  2. Wow, what a great trip planned for next year! Sounds like a blast! Glad to hear Little One made it through his first year of college and did pretty well with it too; good that he'll be home for the summer and able to work for you! I too hope it works out for Big One; one time will be the right move and this could be it!

    Your sister looks so radiant! That was a cute onesie indeed!


  3. Love your new vehicle. VERY cool. The trip to Hawaii sounds heavenly. Enjoy every single moment when the time comes. In the meantime have fun shopping for some new things to take with you. You and your hubby make the perfect couple. The boys are growing up. It'll take a while. Give 'em time.

  4. What a fabulous vacation to look forward to and shop for! Wow!
    Hope the boys are all straightened away.
    I am going to be a grandma for the first (and never expected them to change their minds) time, so there have been belly shots and baby plans over this way, too.
    I hope we see you more often. Have missed you. And can't wait for you to take me with on vacation--lol! Don't forget the camera!! ;)

  5. Hey Funny!!! So it was awesome to see Mel too!! I miss y'all!
    That vacation looks INCREDIBLE! Hubs and I are wanting to do a trip this summer (probably not as long and lavish as your Hawaii trip) but something! We both work like dogs (pronounced like dawwwgs in this instance) and need time away and time together!!

    Your household sounds a lot like mine - similar stages with the baby birds flying in and out of the nest as of right now. It is an interesting time.

    We have lots of projects for the summer too, one being the basement (UGH). We'll see.

    You and your hubby are absolutely the cutest, and you are gorgeous as ever! Hope to hear more from you more often!

  6. Good to see you back!

    Your vacay looks AMAZING. We stayed at the Grand Wailea back in the day and it was INCREDIBLE. Worth every penny!

    The Boys: Growing pains are hard. For everyone.

    When is your sister due? Wishing her a speedy and safe delivery!

  7. Your vacation plans sound AMAZING! Talk about planning ahead. Wow. Everything is going to be perfect. On the other hand, your work schedules sound insane. You deserve this get away. Hope everything works out for the big one and little one. Love your new car. Not much going on around here... which is probably the reason I haven't been blogging! Take care.


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