Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This. And That.

Today is the first day I have felt slightly human since the pollen came and stole my soul. I think I coughed a few ribs loose since last Tuesday. I finally resorted to a diet of this:

After spending my days like this:

I wanted to watch the new season of The Bachelorette on Monday but it was date night and we were busy waiting for our food for eleventy thousand years at a restaurant I won't go to again and by the time we got home I was done. I will instead send you here because she does a way better job and I don't feel well enough to be witty.

We got our deck stained. The dogs took it personally that someone who will probably murder us was in our backyard all day and we would not let them out to kill him. He started it last week, then it rained for days and he finished it yesterday. I don't love the color but I didn't have to do the work so I will take it and be happy.

The dogs got shaved. Super excited about that. 

Molly and I hung out in the sun and I taught her how to take a selfie:

We have Magnolia blossoms!

I found a few sale items from Nordstrom that I love:
This dress was so flattering and such a good price that I ordered it in coral too.

I treated myself to these Tory Burch sandals for Mother's Day. I wanted a colorful pair to take on our trip and these fit the bill.

This is my new favorite top. It is a tunic and will double as a swimsuit cover up. I wore this to work on Sunday. I ended up going home early with a badbadbad headache and sleeping 4 hours.

And for fun I painted my nails to match. I felt horrible so I wanted to look as colorful as possible.

 Taking photos of my husband is slightly entertaining:

I love our yard in the spring time!

I finally found the most perfect wedges ever. They are the Michael Kors Damita sandal and they have several colors. I got the khaki. They look high but they don't feel it at all and they are seriously comfortable. These are going to Hawaii.

My husband ordered me this little pretty (it is on sale!) from Stella&Dot.

Last week I crawled downstairs to get a Sprite and noticed the dogs had left me a gift on the floor. I can only describe it as partially digested rabbit (maybe squirrel) so I threw a towel over it and saved it for my husband to admire. 

We are still waiting for baby Greta. She was due Sunday and is taking her time. I sent my sister this text:

Yep, that is how we roll.


  1. I love the name Greta; sorry about the allergies, ick! Molly does a great selfie, you taught her well!


  2. LOVE Mollie's selfies. ADORABLE. Hope your pollen problems go away.

  3. Love Molly's selfie!! Looks like you are getting some cool things for vacation. Sorry you had such a bad headache. :( Hope you are an auntie soon!! :)


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