Saturday, June 14, 2014


I told one of the girls at work that Friday the 13th PLUS a full moon would probably be a calm day since all the others seem to be crazy anymore.
Oh, I was wrong.

I love that we are having another great year at work. We are surpassing our predicted numbers and gaining new customers all the time but boy am I tired all the time. Not a bad problem to have but I wish I could sleep better.

We actually took all 4 dogs for a walk last night. It had rained all day (all week...for the past 2 weeks) and it was cool and misty. The dogs loved it and I had huge hair! Then we took my hair out for a late (9:00) dinner and went to bed early with a good book. Still slept like crap.
I do plan for us to spend more time enjoying our wonderful neighborhood, walking the dogs and possibly riding our bikes again. They are super dusty and probably have flat tires.

I bought another bathing suit. Victoria's Secret is having a sale and I picked one that would make me look just like the model  #bigfatliar but I can always send it back if it only covers half my arse.

I ordered these yesterday
Converse Shoreline sneaker
I love me some Converse and these are so comfy (I have them in grey)

I am thinking about growing my bangs out. They never hang right and I have a center part cowlick. Who cares right?

Speaking of hair, 5 seconds after I got it cut back in November, I regretted it. Now it is longer again and slap me if I cut it again. So much easier to take care of it when it is longer.

The rest of the weekend will be crazy so it's bedtime.

Happy weekend!


  1. OK as per your request, NO HAIR CUTTING ALLOWED. Everytime I see a picture of you your hair always looks beautiful. I loved the full moon last night it was gorgeous.

  2. If you own your own business.... I think it's pretty safe to say you NEVER get enough sleep. It's great that your customer base is growing!

    If your hair grows super fast, I say go for the bangs. If it doesn't..... UGH.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Go ahead and grow your bangs out. You can always cut them again. But don't cut your hair. You want to be able to do more things with it in Hawaii!! ;)

  4. Your hair ALWAYS looks GREAT! I'm with you though - I don't think I will 'do' short ever again but nor will I go really long either. I think those days may be behind me.

    Speaking of behinds, you ordered a bathing suit without trying it on??? YOU ARE BRAVE!!! Yikes. I guess though, that is far better than subjecting yourself to the self-inflicted torture of going into the ghastly dressing room lighting to try them on in the stores, where you have to quell the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Oy.

    Always great to see a post from Funny!

  5. I wonder what a 'virtual slap' feels like. Tee hee. I crack myself up. I just spent all day in my closet so . . .


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