Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello again

I think I have finally gotten near the end of my wants/needs for our trip. You know the one, in 8 months. I mentioned that I was collecting clothing and such and stockpiling it so when the weather gets nasty (like it was this year) and there is nary a summery tunic or maxi dress in any store, I will have something to pack.

In the summer, I normally wear cuffed jeans, skinny jeans, sandals, Converse or flats and tees or nice tanks and cute tunics. I will throw on a cute dress for date night but I am always cold in restaurants so I keep a sweater in the car at all times. And I wear scarves all year long. I will soon be making my packing list and trying on outfits (a little bit excited over here) so I don't have to check 4 suitcases and make my husband get the crazy eyes. I want it to be simple. I don't want to do what I normally do and bring 87 shirts and 41 pair of shoes and only need a fraction of it. 
I got a few maxi dresses, some white jeans, a fedora, a beach hat, a bikini, some sandals/flip flops/wedges, a few swimsuit coverups, a short dress, some tanks and tees and a few tunics. 
I dislike shorts. I wear them around the yard and house when it is blazing hot but rarely ever in public.

I bought some shorts. I got a couple pair from J Crew, a pair from Nordstrom and yesterday I cruised in to Old Navy. I hadn't been in there for a very long time but I had some time to kill while my darling was Best Buying so I grabbed a few pair of my normal size and tried them on. Let me preface this by saying that I have so far, only purchased shorts in a smaller size than I wear. The insanity behind this is to force myself to lose weight and get in shape for my trip. If I don't, I cannot wear the bright blue 4 inch inseam shorts or the white cuffed chino pants or a few of the dresses. Everything is very tight and a little bit scary on me. I have lost some weight but the working out is at a standstill (because it sucks) and my main goal is to tone up after I lose weight so shorts don't look stupid on me. Ditto for the bathing suits.

I tried on the 5 inch shorts. I ended up really liking the fit and comfort (still hate my legs in them) but my husband really liked them too. He likes everything I wear but I did ask his opinion anyway.
I ended up with these:

I bought them in a much smaller size (they fit, just really tight) and plan to wear them for casual days and with my swimsuit coverups to the beach. 

I also picked up this to wear as a top/coverup with the white shorts

And this to throw on when it is chilly. It is super soft and lightweight.

I am really pleased with how little I spent and the quality of the clothing. I didn't look at anything else but I may go back when the summer stuff goes on sale to get a few more pair.
Now I need to keep eating well, drinking water (I am doing better) and get my butt to the basement to exercise.
Fingers crossed.

I also got 3 other coverups (one that I bought a few months ago is sold out, so no photo) from J Crew and J Crew Factory (all online)

This one I actually wore as a tunic to work with skinny jeans and loved it!

Let's see. 
Oh, we finally got the stair and hall runners

 Molly approves

This little man turned 19 on June 4th (his friend was cooperative in the smiling dept). We took them to dinner.

And I got lots more pictures of princess perfect pants!

And we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the day we met. May 30, 1989.  I made chicken enchiladas.


  1. I do the same thing... take way too much to Hawaii and end up not wearing half of it. Besides, you can always buy what you think you might need when you're there. :) I'm the same with shorts. Eh. I wear a longer one but am more comfortable (with my legs covered) in a sundress or skirt. I love Athleta for their casual skirts and dresses.
    Love that tunic!
    Love the runner!
    Pretty Princess Perfect Pants!

  2. I love the shorts you chose! I have both lengths from Old Navy and wear them all the time. Those coverups are fab. I agree that Princess Perfect Pants is the perfect name for her!!! Just beautiful.

  3. So much to say here:
    Your trip will be here before you know it! Love everything you are picking up!! I need shorts but look terrible in them. Shorts don't like my hips/butt. Boo.
    Your niece is gorgeous.
    Happy bleated to your son. You comment about his friend cooperating had me cracking up!
    Happy 25th of your first meeting! That's so sweet.
    Love the runner.

    Ok, what kind of flooring is that? I need to know the details!!! Love it!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. LOVE that green coverup. Very nice, indeed. I'm so excited for you. Being prepared in advance is the key to a good vacation. You're going to have a blast.

  5. Who DOESN'T over pack when traveling to Hawaii? Options are important.

    Love your runner!

    Love, LOVE beautiful Princess Perfect Pants!! She is absolutely adorable!

  6. You are so brave! A fearless warrior! To buy smaller clothes...much braver than I would ever be. Cute things, though.
    Lovely runners...and little niece!! :) :)


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