Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday Fashion

(I have been trying to finish this post for the last 2 weeks months)I will add my latest thoughts in another color.

I haven't done any Friday Fashion posts in a while so let me jump back in.
Most of these items are things I bought for our trip next Feb. but they will be used before and after as well. If I remember.

These shoes. I tried on 17 pairs of shoes at Dillards one day and these were the winners. I usually wear an 11 and they don't stock everything in size 11. These were the winners by far. The footbed is comfortable and I have worn them 3 times with not a single pain or blister.
My goal was to find a neutral pair to take to Hawaii and these from Gianni Bini were a win! 
I have worn them a lot and they are still just as comfortable!

I found this on bigtime sale on Piperlime. (It is long gone but they have several maxi dresses on sale that are adorable)  
I took a chance and when I got it, I adored it right away. The stripes are aqua and it is a flattering fit. I washed it and packed in my Hawaii box. I have been meaning to wear it and even washed it already but I keep forgetting.

 I found this dress at a store in town. Clearly the dressing room mirror is dirty (and this pic is a few months old) I loved this when I got it but after finding lots of nice dresses, this one is a little too Real Housewives. The colors are good on me though so I will bring it.

If you have read my blog for more than a year, you know that every year I search for the perfect pair of wedges. I am particular too. I want them to be comfortable for shopping  long walks, not too tall, they can't make me wobble or turn my ankle, and the color has to go with everything. I would also like to be able to wear them with dresses or jeans. The second these were zipped, I looked to the ceiling and smiled big. The salesgirl just knew (the universal look for THESE SHOES ARE THE ONES) They were a size 10 which was a tad too short and they were a tan canvas so she searched online and found lots of colors in size 11. I got the khaki leather and when I finally got them in the mail 2 weeks later, I bought them a promise ring. Yeah, they were more than $100. I got the side eye from Mr. Funny but they were worth it. (I just got the black too- on major sale)

I found these 2 pair during a big TB sale. I wore the flip flops a few times but the blue sandals, although very comfy, are an odd blue. I have to get over the need to match. I will have them forever though.

I tried on several dresses on this day and this was my (and my husbands) very favorite. You just cannot go wrong with Vince Camuto (and on sale!) I will be wearing this to our anniversary dinner in the beach cabana. I still adore this dress. I will wear it with the Kors black wedges for dinner. I need to do some serious working out, especially my arms.

 Here we are a couple weeks ago on our way to Sam's for date night. We are wild. It is probably 2 months ago at this point, my hair looks good there and now it looks like sh$t. Bangs growing out are the devil.

I ventured into the mall to look for swimwear on sale. After trying on about 40 (no lie) suits, I picked out two 1 pieces and another 2 piece plus 3 coverups. I now have a suit for each day and plenty of coverups.

That is all. I wish I had something interesting to blog about but alas, I sleep, work, nap, clean things, yell at people I live with to pick up after themselves, rinse and repeat.


  1. Everything looks nice. But I love that 2nd dress. You are smart to have picked everything so far ahead of time. GREAT strategy. So you don't have to compromise.

  2. My favorite is the anniversary dinner dress. Wedges are cute, too. And as always, you look adorable.


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