Monday, August 11, 2014


Summer phone dump (warning)

Working on some serious declutter and organization. I gave away some of my least worn jewelry and went through my summer clothing. I will do it again at the end of summer. I hang my necklaces on these hooks in my closet. I need another hook board but Lowe's no longer has them like this one. The left side holds smaller necklaces (again, need another hook board)

I hang my earrings on these cute mugs from Anthropologie (I need one more) and my bracelets go in Anthro bowls or on the jewelry tree. I picked up this tray but I ended up losing space so i moved to a different shelf. The small ceramic egg crate is also Anthro and holds my small earrings according to color. The trays in the drawer hold things that won't hang on the cups or seldom worn and valuable jewelry.

Sleeveless and tanks go on the left. Jeans on the bottom left. My flats are on the top shelf of both sides. I have too many shoes so I store them in several closets in the house.

These are short sleeves. I keep half and long sleeved shirts in another closet.

The princess is now 3 months. I get almost daily photos of her.

And we took a few days off to go meet her.

I gave her a bath in the sink. I think she was a bit relaxed.

After painting the boys' bath and a swatch of the same paint in the master bath, I realized I hate the color I chose (SW Whole Wheat) which was pretty in natural light but ended up too yellow in the bathrooms. I strayed from taupe and went with a cool hue. Gray Screen. It looks blue in some light and green in other but it is a grey. Goes perfect with the tile backsplash and flooring. I plan to get that done this fall.

4th of July. We went to dinner at the lake with friends.

 I dressed appropriately for work the week of the 4th as well.

One of our employees opened a snow cone stand for the summer. On this day, I picked up some for a friend and I to cool off. Mine is green apple.

I picked up a few bright coral accents for the living room at HomeGoods.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale was a big hit. I gave myself a budget and mostly stuck to it. I didn't get a leather jacket like I wanted to (I have to try them on) but I got some great deals on shoes, jewelry, clothing and this crossbody bag (I have wanted it for a year!)

Got some workout clothes too.

And some fall booties.

We had a very stressful July. The big one moved back home to deal with his issues and I had some really bad days. This was one of them and my friend surprised me at work with a treat.

I saw this top on an actress in one of my magazines (Redbook?) and found it on sale at Loft. It was paired with a flowered kimono which I found online on sale as well. I ended up getting this flowy top in white and this blush pink color. I think it was my favorite shirt of the summer so far, my husband's too! I wore it with skinny ankle length jeans and sandals from the Nordi sale.

We continue to have our weekly date nights. On this one, I tried a Beachside pineapple mojito (so good)

I wore this dress with leggings. Not a dress person but this one is so comfortable. I like it with jeans as well.

Tried something new: blackberry mojito green tea lemonade

National Lipstick day: I wore Aveda's Peruvian Lily

 Some of the cousins came to visit. My husband taught them how to shoot.

 I painted my front door pink.

 Got some color put in my hair.

and made banana pudding.

I really haven't been in much of a blogging mood but I like to look back on my "diary" to see what we were up to. This past week was very busy and school starts here this week so we are winding down a busy summer. 
It has been a short one with unseasonably cooler weather and little rain. 
We haven't really done much out of our normal routine so the pictures speak for themselves.

What have you all been up to?


  1. Your hair color is fun!! I like your picks from the Nsale. Ooh your front door is fab!!

  2. Aw, the baby is so cute! My four-month-old has that monkey dress. It's adorable!

    Love your hair color. I need to do something with mine. Also, would you like to come here and organize. Your stuff looks great, and I definitely need help!

  3. I've been out of the blogging world for a while, but have come back. I really enjoy your blog, especially seeing all the cute things you buy. It inspires me! :)

  4. Love the pink door...and your hair. The little princess looks adorable!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, love the closet organization! Sheesh. Want to come out and do mine?
    Love love love the pink door! And your hair! AND the loft top. Which is probably sold out by now.
    You really should let us know about these things in a timely manner. Ha.
    The Princess looks just like her mama! Darling.

  6. You are the most organized person I know. Love those workout sneakers. And the princess is adorable.

  7. Your closet organization is FABULOUS!
    Your Hubby was in agreement with painting the front door pink?!
    Adorable Princess! Hard to believe she's 3 months old already. Dang, time flies. She looks long...are her parents tall?
    Love, LOVED your 4th of July work outfit!!!

  8. OMGoodness! You covered a lot of territory from purging jewelry and closets to the new niece and date night. You always look so good and loved the blue streak in your hair, you wild woman! Sounds like it has been one busy summer so far for you. Glad you took the time to chat a bit. :)

  9. Oh my hell!! The Princess looks exactly like Mel! Especially in that first picture.

    Thanks for catching us up on things at Casa de Funny. =)



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