Monday, September 22, 2014

We finally got some rain. And some leaks. Unrelated to each other.

It has taken weeks to finish this post.......

How is it already September? The summer flew by but winter will crawl, especially because it is supposed to be a record cold winter.

I am actually ready for some change because we have had a hot and very dry summer and we have done nothing but work, do stuff around the house and make weekly trips to Sam's, the restaurant supply and weekly date night. Every week is essentially the same. I would love to get away for a couple nights this fall....

Back when it was full-on summer, I picked up some fall items to look forward to. A couple cute sweaters, some booties and even a quilted vest (I adore vests- I have several and I wear them all every year. Most of them I have had for years) I wanted this one last year so bad! I kept watching to see when JCrew would mark it down and then they did and I missed out on my size. This time around, I grabbed it fast (at full price- stupid) and then a couple weeks later it was on sale. I still love it. 

And I love these sneaks from the nordstrom sale. 

On the home front: the big one is back home again. He has stopped drinking (on his own) and goes to therapy weekly. I am still trying to get him to enroll in some college classes.
The little one is back at school for his sophomore year. This year they have an apartment with a kitchen and living area with 4 individual bedrooms that lock when you close the door. The first night, he locked himself out and had to sleep on the sofa. It was a pretty inexpensive year this time because we bought a ton of school supplies, tv, computer, fridge and microwave last year along with decor and bedding. I had to buy different sized bedding this year and a few dishes, toiletries and pans (he loves to cook) but he worked all summer and bought his own clothing and shoes. I am hoping his winter coat still fits after all the time it took me to find one he liked with long enough sleeves last year.

Got my hair done. Decided that growing out my bangs was a stupid idea. The rest is growing fast so I had her take a bit off. 

The best thing about fall is Halloween. I cleaned them out at HomeGoods.

My sister and her husband and the baby surprised us last Friday evening with a short visit. I had to work a lot but we went to dinner, did some fall baby shopping, had some Starbucks, and I got to spend some quality time smooching on Greta.

We are planning some changes at work. We have been so busy this summer and have been slowly making a list of what we want to be done. We are remodeling the bathrooms, having some work done to the exterior of the building, some painting done inside and a few more things. We are really excited for what is to come.

I still have quite a few projects around the house that have been put on hold with our busy season. The master bath and boys' bath needs to be painted and we need to get new light fixtures and hardware. I want a new bathroom sink for the master. We want to have our kitchen cabinets painted (and I want new counter tops) and some finish work done to the baseboards and lower cabinets. I also want the front entry painted. It has been the same color since we moved in (a gold yellow) and I haven't been able to paint it since the foyer is 2 stories high and I don't do tall ladders. 

I am on the hunt for luggage. If you have any suggestions on good places to get some, let me know. Is the hard cover luggage worth the extra weight?

I am addicted to The Killing on Netflix. I watch an episode a day as a treat when I get my chores done.

We discovered a huge spot on our dining room ceiling where the boys' bathroom toilet has apparently been leaking. I had a plastic tub full of decorations (Valentine's Day because I decorated for spring and got busy and never put them in the basement) under the spot (freaky coincidence) and the lid had a rim around it full of water so my wood flooring was spared a single drop. It looks pretty bad but Mr. F thinks it is just the toilet and not the rest of the upper floor plumbing and the boys' bath floor (new tile) is fine and ceiling will need to be cut away and replaced in that spot. None of it will be cheap between the plumbers and contractors but it could have been so much worse.

In addition, the kitchen faucet has been dripping a while now and since we are replacing the sink and faucet we ignored it. Now it runs and the hot water had to be shut off in the kitchen. #plumbingproblems #notfirstworldproblems

Got a couple fall polishes. This dark green is so pretty.

That's all for now. Got to spend our day off together shopping for bathroom counters, sinks, faucets and other plumbing stuff. I am so excited.


  1. Busy! Busy! I was so glad to see a post! That little girl is a doll! We have a new baby boy in the family this summer, too. So glad you caught that leak when you did! You always look just darling. Fall is coming! Enjoy!! Glad to see you. :)

  2. Greta is so adorable! Can't believe she is that old already to be sitting up and standing up! Hoping the fall is a good one!


  3. What a bummer to have that leak in the ceiling. GRETA is one cutie pie. So sweet with her auntie and mom.

  4. Love your bangs.
    That baby Greta is soooooo dang cute!!!
    Absolutely feel for you and the water issues. Hate water issues!

  5. Greta is perfection. Ugh we had that same water issue at our old house but it was our ac handler not a toilet. Pretty nails and hair.

  6. The little baby is so adorable!

    I love reading your posts, it makes me realize that we aren't the only people with mad/busy lives---ha ha!!


  7. OMG, I can't believe how much Greta looks like her Auntie Mel! Adorable!!!

    Her Auntie Funny is pretty damn adorable, too....


  8. I don't know how I missed this post. Probably because sitting down is not something I get to do much. Love the green polish!

  9. Greta is precious! I really miss having little ones around. I pray having the big one back home again works out for both of you. Kudos to him for getting his act together!


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