Saturday, December 17, 2016

I haven't been here forever!
Let's see....
Work is busier than ever. We had a fire in Jan. and were closed almost 2 months. We had the place completely remodeled since we were closed anyway. Everything was gutted due to water and smoke damage, It looked like ground zero. We kept all of our employees- just paid them to demo and clean and paint and help the roofers and whatever else needed to be done. They had evenings and weekends off so it worked out well for them. We were there every day overseeing, working alongside them or taking phone calls. I picked out all of the new furnishings- carpet, booth colors, paint, counter tops, flooring, etc .... and we rarely took a break. I will never build a house!
Insurance companies can be huge assholes, did you know that?

Moving on...
Our oldest moved out (for good) (we think) a year ago and we pray he is making good choices and taking care of himself. We don't really talk much but my sources say he is out East and doing fine.
The baby, who turned 21 in June, is living in Berlin, Germany. He fell in love with a foreign exchange student from Berlin who had come back to visit her host family and the rest is history. He was accepted into language school (after teaching himself German before he left) and after mastering that has been accepted to University. He lives with her family, who adore him, and is living off of the savings he amassed before leaving. We think she is the sweetest girl with a great head on her shoulders. She stayed with us this past summer for a few months to experience a real American 4th of July before taking our kiddo far away. We had such a hard time with his move but he is doing what he loves and is so happy. I got a text from him today from Poland. They were visiting for a couple days and he sent pictures of a cemetery from the 1400's. Her grandparents live in Italy but if Switzerland gets too much snow, they may not make it to see her extended family. He is great about calling or texting several times a week. I sent 2 huge boxes of Christmas gifts to him and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive.

We are still working all the time. We make time for a date night every week plus a couple lunches together but I work days and he works nights so I have learned to spend a lot of time with myself. Still have the 4 crazy dogs and a house built for a big family with just the 2 of us here. 
I can still never seem to get the house in order although we have done a few more things like new living room furniture, new appliances and a smaller table for the kitchen. We also had the front entry painted after how many years of gold/mustard whatever it was. I went with SW Mindful Gray and I love it!! Now I want to paint the kitchen cabinets, get new countertops and have all the dark wood trim painted. 

We are pretty much ready for Christmas. I did all of the planning, shopping and wrapping with help from a good friend but decided with no kids in the house, no tree or decor was happening. I am not sad about it. I burn my evergreen candle and that seems to be enough. My poor husband is having trouble with no kids here too and his Christmas spirit is similar to mine. Maybe next year....

We are planning a Christmas Eve visit to church with friends. We went with them last year and loved it. This year I am bound to cry. We are going to friends' to have spaghetti and meatballs and are having people over for chicken piccata for Christmas dinner. 

Not much else going on. How about you?


  1. Gosh life has changed for both of us in so many ways. Wondered how you were. Now I know. That is great about your yougest being overseas. Our youngest daughter is on the East Coast too, like your oldest.(so we hear) She is doing her thing. She never calls. It's hard. Glad you were able to redo the restaurant. All our family is elsewhere. Do get to see our oldest daughter and grandkids some, so it's not as bad as it could be. You two are dealing with the EMPTY NEST as well as you can. So are we. MERRY XMAS. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. I am so happy to see an update from you. It "sucks" when the kids move out and they aren't around for Christmas, but its time to make new traditions and shed a tear or two. I agree, if there's no kids around, why go through time to decorate, etc. Keep it simple! So happy to hear the youngest (how could he have turned 21) is doing well in Germany. What an adventure for him! And I do hope the oldest is doing as well too. We do the best we can with raising them and hope and pray for the best, don't we?

    Email me ( and I'll fill you in what is happening at my neck of the woods. Its truly heartbreaking (so you might want to wait until after Christmas).

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (you will make it through it, I promise)

    Glad the restaurant is up and running again!


  3. OMG!! So much going on! The fire and redoing the restaurant would have been more than enough to deal with. I am so glad to see a post from you, though!! I hope your surgery went well and you were feeling lots better for dealing with all this craziness! It will be a different Christmas, but things constantly keep shifting on us, don't they? Lots of love and Christmas hugs from Fargo!! :) :)

  4. Hey! So glad to 'hear' your voice! Sounds like your life is the usual for you. ;) Our oldest will not be home on Christmas as has opted to stay in Seattle with the fiance and her mom. Bound to happen sooner or later... I'm dealing. We're about to enter the year of the weddings so... should be more interesting and more 'dealing'. :) Have a wonderful Christmas!!


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